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Cyprus government admit Chemtrails are REAL and are not happy they are being sprayed!

Agriculture and Environment Minister Nicos Kouyialis has pledged that the government will look into the alleged spraying of chemtrails in Cypriot skies, following demands by concerned citizen activist groups and farmers.

The matter of suspicious aerial spraying – believed by some to be chemtrails – was discussed on Wednesday at the House environment committee.
Speaking to the media later, Greens MP George Perdikis – who tabled the issue – said they were pleased with the minister’s commitment to investigate.
Perdikis said he hoped, this time, a proper probe would be done with the participation of government departments as well as experts from universities here and abroad.
Assuming chemtrails were proved, he added, they expected the government to take the necessary action to put a stop to it.
A previous investigation back in 2010 by government departments, analysing air samples, turned out to be a whitewash,  the MP recalled.
There is a strong reason to believe that the aerial spraying is conducted by aircraft making use of the Sovereign Bases Areas (SBAs), Perdikis added. He said the spraying tended to cease whenever there was organised public reaction.
The Greens think the spraying is likely intended to alter atmospheric/climatic conditions, also known as geoengineering. It is thought that aircraft operating out of the SBAs are spraying particulates which affect the weather, preventing the formation of clouds, so as to facilitate visibility for bombing sorties en route to Syria.
Another theory, Perdikis said, has it that aerial spraying is linked to surveillance/espionage and the radar system located in the SBAs. The belief is that microscopic particulate scattered in the air enhance radar signals.
Yet another conjecture in the global literature is the spraying may be intended for mind-control experiments, although Perdikis said his party believes this to be far-fetched.
In a letter dated February 16, Kouyialis informed the House environment committee that he would be instructing ministry officials to get to the bottom of the phenomenon.
In the letter, Kouyialis said he had received a formal complaint from the Union Of Cypriot Farmers (EKA) expressing their concern. The farmers claim the aerial spraying is being carried out by SBA aircraft.
Kouyialis wrote: “At first glance, although there is no confirmation, it appears that these actions could alter the climate of the region since they might potentially alter the composition of the earth’s atmosphere, or chemicals released could potentially impact the atmosphere’s capacity to perform a certain function, e.g. rainfall.”
He said also he has asked the foreign minister to contact the SBA administration and to “investigate the whole matter.”
Asked by the Mail for a comment, SBA spokesperson Connie Pierce said: “The British bases would like to make it clear that no such experiments take place by any aircraft operating out of RAF Akrotiri.”
Panicos Hamas, a general secretary of the farmers’ union EKA, told reporters: “We are greatly concerned, having lately observed extreme weather conditions, such as today’s temperatures.”
Some two weeks ago, the Greens again raised the issue of ‘suspicious spraying’, after they said hundreds of worried residents had contacted the party’s offices across the island to complain about what they believe are chemtrails.
Witnesses at the time told the Cyprus Mail that the trails were visible some two hours after high-altitude aircraft had made two passes over an area between Akrotiri and Amathus Hotel in Limassol.
The term chemtrail is derived from “chemical trail” and refers to aerial trails allegedly caused by the systematic high-altitude release of chemical substances, resulting in the appearance of supposedly uncharacteristic criss-cross sky tracks.
Chemtrail spraying does not refer to usual forms of aerial spraying such as crop dusting, cloud seeding or aerial firefighting. Chemtrails are also different to the condensation trail or contrails left by commercial aircraft.

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