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Britain First, EDL, BNP and UKIP are as bad as ISIS

The English Defence league, Britain First, UKIP and 
the British National Party have been compared to the 
Islamic State by Derbyshire police who say they are 
as much of a real threat".
Huffington Post Reports:
Speaking to Peak FM Sergeant John Booker said police treat far-right groups the same way they would IS, as they have just as much potential to lead people towards committing terrorist acts.
Booker said: “The biggest threat is very much centred on Syrian and Iraq based groups such as Islamic State however we certainly can’t ignore the right wing issues and the far right issues that do exist in our communities and are just as much of a real threat in terms of community division, hatred and deplorable acts as anything else.”
english defence league
Derbyshire Police have said the English Defence League are as "much of a threat" to public order as the Islamic State
The comments come after the EDL complained to the BBC about it being mentioned in a television drama called 'Silent Witness', which the broadcaster describes as a crime drama "focusing on a team of forensic pathology experts and their investigations into various crimes".
"While we can appreciate the need to heighten the drama with an emotive description such as 'the murky world of hate-crime and counter-terrorism' as published in the program description published on TV Guide and numerous other websites both in the UK and abroad, there are ways to do this without attacking the English Defence League which is a legal, volunteer-led organisation," EDL chairman Alan Spence wrote to the broadcaster.
He continued: “The murky world of hate crime and counter-terrorism is a totally different world from which the EDL operates. We are no closer to that world than are UKIP, the Conservative Party or any other legal political grouping or national charity."
Spence explains that in series 19 "you clearly link us to a character who is wanted for murder".
"It is contemptuous for the BBC to imply that the English Defence League is an organization which would attract someone who would murder anyone, regardless of whether they are Muslim or not," Spence wrote.
The EDL chairman went on to explain that a character in the episode mentioned the EDL directly.
"It would have taken very little effort to invent a fictitious organisation, or even none at all, but instead your actor was directed to explicitly name the English Defence League as the 'hate-crime' organisation. We are therefore drawn to the inevitable conclusion that a deliberate decision was made to cast such aspersions on our organisation as a whole and its members individually."

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