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The man who shouted at Junior Doctor protestors was allegedly paid by the BBC

As the junior doctors struck for 24 hours and protested ridiculous new Tory laws for NHS workers a Lincoln man came over to the doctors with a lost temper 

Image: Mail Online unsurprisingly blaming Corbyn for this 

Secret sources have told BDTN that the guy is a known crisis actor who has been seen at plenty of protests before kicking off.

Although we would love to tell you who our secret source is we have promised to keep it quiet as promised to them. 

He was allegedly paid by the BBC according to the source who was there to film it live.

Mr Minister, 53, said he was driving past Lincoln County Hospital in Lincolnshire today – where 230 appointments were cancelled – when he noticed around 20 junior doctors waving placards and decided to politely confront them before becoming angry when one smirked

The BBC and Mail Online are blaming Jeremy Corbyn supporters for "egging on the man" which is a lie as he drove past and seen the protestors out of his car window so nobody egged him on. 


Whilst trying to blame "Corbyn's Cronies" by lying they are also making NHS workers look like bad by "egging this guy on by smirking". NHS workers work their arses off and have a right to strike and protest in a democracy never forget protestors and strikers in the past have helped this country big time for example fair pay for women and women's right to vote.

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