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The bar tab YOU PAY FOR in Westminster

When the millionaire Lords, MP's and PM all get together at Westminster to debate the most important things about running the UK they also get to drink themselves silly and it's all FREE..(sort of)

Well, when I say free I mean they get to drink however much they want at any price no matter how high or low and they don't have to dip in their own pockets because YOU pay for it.

Austerity what austerity? 

Whilst people go hungry, feed from food banks, end up homeless, have their benefits cut or sanctioned, pay bedroom tax or decide whether to have food or heating you are paying for the MP's and Lords Expenses and drink bills (Which are separate to each other) and the worst thing about it they are laughing at you all. They don't care if you are cold, hungry, lonely, have no money or all of above all they care about is feeding their big fat guts and getting pissed. It wouldn't surprise me if Gideon uses tax payers money to fund his coke habit and prostitutes. 

Let's take a look at what the greedy bastards go through a year:

House Sauvignon: 50,000 bottles
House merlot: 26,000
Guest ale: 33,000
Champagne: 8,500 bottles
Guiness: 11,000 pints
Stella Artois: 5,500 points
Corona lager: 12,000
Peroni: 11,000
Baileys: 10.5 liters
Gordon’s Gin: 463 litres
Jack Daniels: 13.3 liters
Famous Grouse whiskey: 52 litres
Malibu: 4.5 litres 

The Commons wine cellar was filled with 44,000 bottles for MPs and their staff to enjoy in the Palace of Westminster’s unlicensed bars and restaurants.
It includes £28,000 on 1,838 bottles of champagne and £11,100 on 1,470 bottles of sparkling wine.
The wine was bought by the House of Commons catering and retail service, which has received a state subsidy of £11.5m over the past two years.
It amounts to a top-up of 42 per cent - meaning the taxpayer contribution to the wine bill was the equivalent of £115,000, or £176 per MP.
No fewer than 69 different wines were bought, including 47 bottles of the highly-rated Chateau de Fonbel 2003, at a cost of £932; 144 bottles of Joseph Drouhin Cote de Nuits-Villages, costing £1,854; and 204 bottles of Sancerre Domaine de Raimbault, costing £2,455
Matthew Sinclair, Director of the Taxpayers' Alliance, said: "In most workplaces a subsidised bar would be unthinkable. It is particularly unfair when politicians have been making it steadily more expensive for the rest of us to enjoy a drink with ever higher taxes. This needs to end."

There is one MP who is on our side and only spent £8.50 on expenses last year and that is Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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