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PETITION: PLEASE HELP! Stop the abuse of my daughter...

My name is Christopher Furnival.
I really need your help to get my daughter back, please please, I ask each and every one of you to sign this petition and share with all your family and friends as, my daughter is not safe.
She wants to come home as much as I want her home  she pleaded and begged for me not to send her back but I have no leg to stand on legally. 
My 8-year-old daughter Katie has been forced to return to Germany with her mum & her mum's new partner. Her mums partner has been ABUSING my daughter. 
But because of the wrong information given in court by a police officer, I had no choice but to make her return. 
I reported it to the child protection team and social services who interviewed my daughter at the local police station.
After the interview, I was told that the man who has been abusing my daughter cannot be charged because the abuse has been happening in Germany and they have no jurisdiction. 
We went to court in an emergency hearing and the barrister called the police station & asked an officer if my daughter was interviewed, the officer said no we have no record of this. Which is a total lie. The judge said with no proof of the abuse the child will be returned to her mum because she had a court order from Germany to say I had refused to give my daughter back with no grounds as to why. She had said to the court in Germany I had taken my daughter without consent yet failed to tell them what is actually happening to my daughter over there. 
Katie is now back in Germany to the best of my knowledge, with the man who has been abusing her. 
If the officer had given the barrister the correct information Katie would still be with me now but instead, she's in Germany still being abused yet me as her father cannot do anything about it. So I plead with each and every one of you. Please sign this petition, so I can get my baby girl back here where she belongs. I have videos on my Facebook page, feel free to watch and share so you can all see just how upset my daughter was and how much she pleaded with us to keep her safe. As a father, I should have the right to protect my baby yet I cannot do a single thing. Please, please share and advice will be greatly appreciated.

This is a online petition to stop the abuse of my daughter and to get her...
Posted by Chris Furnival on Tuesday, 12 January 2016

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