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EXCLUSIVE: Shocking reports that Esther Rantzen was part of the child abuse cover up

  Rantzen founded Childline which was used as a ‘front’ organisation to filter out callers who may have been the victims of VIP child-abuse

Dame Esther Rantzen has demanded the BBC and other broadcasters create dedicated phone lines so that staff can report celebrities they suspect of sexual abuse.
The ChildLine founder spoke out after a leaked report into the Jimmy Savile scandal revealed he abused children on BBC property for decades because of a culture of ‘deference’ to celebrities.

The former That’s Life star said the abuse was still a problem in the industry and added: ‘It is blindingly obvious you need to create and publicise a helpline which junior employees feel they can trust when reporting bullying and sexual misconduct anonymously.
‘Staff have to be given explicit permission to whistleblow and the criticism is that the BBC is still an organisation where it is difficult to tell the boss something that might cost them their job.

‘I’m sure it will happen because Tony Hall is a director-general who deeply cares about the welfare of his staff, but the BBC is not alone in having to deal with this.’

Dame Esther revealed that a friend at another TV company had been abused by a celebrity but did not speak out. 

‘She was being sexually harassed by one of the stars but didn’t feel she could ask for help or complain,’ she said.

Esther never founded Childline alone her cousin and ex-senior ITV executive Sarah Caplan was also there from the very beginning. 

Nick Ross who has recently said he’d watch child-porn given half the chance is married to Sarah Caplan. Caplan and Rantzen (who is also implicated in the Savile scandal) founded Childline which appears to be a ‘front’ organisation used to filter out callers who may have been the victims of VIP child-abuse. Nick Ross founded the ‘front’ Crimestoppers helpline and was also the Co-presenter of BBC's Crimewatch along with Jill Dando who was murdered at the same time she was investigating child abuse at the BBC. 


Justice For Jill special Join the dots from Ste Murray on Vimeo.

In 2011, Caplan was sacked from Childline and ITV for bullying junior members of staff. 

Childline founder and Esther's Cousin Caplan with husband Nick Ross 
Time to realise who the real Esther Rantzen is!

Her father was a BBC engineer, hardly mentioned, though obviously key to her subsequent career.  Jewish parents.  Great grandfather a fraudster.  It seems to run in the family.  His police record was destroyed during WW2 (apparently).  He got away with it and the Police seemed to forget he had a criminal record on his return to the UK, after doing a bunk years earlier.  Esther was pleased he got away with stealing all his clients' money, and shooting one of his father's servants.  Esther found it all rather hilarious.  Her father's father, the Rantzen side, was a wealthy stockbroker with sexual history, raping a parlormaid.  Again she finds this hilarious.  Goyim. 

    The Rantzens were early arrivals in the 1850s from Warsaw, moving up to upper-middle-class level by 1880.  Climbing the social/economic ladder in those days was rare.  Her great grandfather Abraham became a diamond broker and made a fortune.  Esther's father's middle name was Barnato, from Barnie Barnato, one of the richest men in the world, a diamond dealer.  Her great grandmother, Sarah Isaacs, was the sister of Barnie Barnato.  He bought the right plots in South Africa and was bought out by Cecil Rhodes for £500,000,000, the biggest cheque ever written at the time.  

Barnato later disappeared off a ship without a trace.  Mmmmm.  

Esther acts as if she never knew and wondered what happened to all the money.  I think we can imagine.  Ester's grandparents inherited an amount of visible funds, but peanuts compared to what must have been the real fortune.

 In Warsaw, the Rantzens were spelt Ranson and long established.  Why did they leave?  They lost two children, and then he lost his brother at 44 and his father to illness.  Maybe that persuaded them to leave.  Warsaw was occupied by Russia and Russia was oppressing the Jews.  Later the Nazis burned down their home in WW2 and killed half a million or so of the neighbours.  She manages a little emotion at this stage.  Survivor guilt.  A good performance.  Great opportunity to consider some real Jewish victims.

 Her past is cryptic, but there are enough clues as to be able to suggest she was put forward as window dressing for the paedophiles, maybe even for Childline to act as a recruitment agency for them.  The Savile revelations are only the tip of an iceberg.  Rantzen helped them to get away with it for many decades, as most people assumed organisations like Childline were doing something to stop it all.  They weren't.  They are part of the paedophile infrastructure that is in place and is still in place to this day untouched.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3413615/We-need-report-celebrity-line-says-Childline-founder-Esther-Rantzen-leaked-memo-reveals-Jimmy-Savile-abused-children-BBC-property-decades.html#ixzz3yBqrWTsl 
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