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BBC bias strikes again in coverage of junior doctors

The BBC News website’s politics index page labelled its story about today’s (January 12) industrial action by junior doctors Patients hit by junior doctors’ strike.

Oh, very fair, balanced and unbiased, BBC!

Someone should remind the Tory-supporting BBC newsgathering team that the only reason junior doctors have walked out at all is the fact that so-called health secretary Jeremy Misprint Hunt is trying to impose a new contract on them with vastly inferior pay and working conditions.

Someone should remind the Tory-supporting BBC newsgathering team that Mr Misprint spent much of last summer lying about the service offered by the NHS at weekends because he was trying to pretend that the new contract was necessary in order to provide a full seven-day-a-week service – which the NHS already provides. The issue was highlighted by a letter to the minister, pointing out that Hunt himself doesn’t work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even though he receives far more money from the public purse than junior doctors and is much less qualified for his job.

Someone should remind the Tory-supporting BBC newsgathering team that the new contract offers junior doctors a pay cut of around 22 percent. Would these BBC reporters accept that kind of offer?

I think not.

Hospitals in England are facing major disruption as junior doctors have gone on strike in a dispute with the government over a new contract.
The doctors are providing emergency cover only during the 24-hour walkout, which got under way at 08:00 GMT.
The NHS has so far postponed 4,000 routine treatments – about one in 10 planned – including knee and hip ops.
A West Midlands hospital has also asked doctors to come off the picket line to help after a surge in patients.
Bosses at Sandwell raised the alarm shortly after the strike got under way, saying beds were filling up and they were struggling to discharge patients. 
 Source: Junior doctors’ strike: Treatments postponed amid walkout – BBC News
Source: VOX Political

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