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All I have seen from flat earthers....

...Is nothing but bullying

Ok Fair enough we all are entitled our opinion on things and we are allowed to believe what we want to believe but when it comes something like the flat earth theory dare you question it and your life will be made hell and it's like the flat earthers turn into the hulk.

To some people, the flat earth theory is absolutely crazy but to some people 9/11 being an inside job is absolutely crazy too but we are all on the same side so stop the bullying it's dividing the truther society.

In my opinion, I think the flat earth theory is a psyop to ridicule the truther world but that's just my opinion that doesn't give you a right to bully me or call me names like a government insider or shill I think stuff like 9/11, child abuse and the Zionist fake war on terror is more important. I just don't understand why the government would hide the world being flat? and fake going to space because of it who cares if it's flat or not? why would it change our lives? I just don't get it and if you don't like my opinion on that tough I'm entitled to my opinion.

The bullying works both ways by the way.

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