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10 Things David Icke Predicted That Actually Came True...

10 things david icke predicted that actually came true
Here are ten things that David Icke predicted that actually came true. Icke has predicted many things over the years in his books, most of which were laughed off as crazy conspiracy theories. In more recent times, it seems a lot of his predictions are coming to fruition, ranging from Jimmy Savile to the former 1970's prime minister Ted Heath, who is now being investigated but the Police for historic child abuse.  

1. Jimmy Savile

1  jimmy savile© REX
Icke has gone beyond the elaborate idea that Savile's perverse interests were limited to under age sex and rape, but also necrophilia. He has understated that Savile had access to dead bodies while being volunteer as hospital porter.
Icke knows Sir Jimmy had procured underage girls for sex with members of the elite world. Also, because he also held good relations with the British royal family, he got immunity for years as a sex offender.

2. The 2012 Shooting, Sandy Hook

2  the 2012 shooting  sandy hook© wiki
Icke has predicted that in the year of 2012, a series of US shootings would happen in several states. And there was: The movie theatre Aurora shooting where 12 were killed and 58 injured, the Sikh Temple shooting in Oak Creek where 6 were killed and 3 injured, the Minneapolis shooting where 6 were killed and 3 injured, the Newton shooting where 27 were killed and many injured.

3. The 9/11 attacks

3  the 9 11 attacks© wiki
In 1999 Icke wrote: “ Between 2000-2002 the USA will suffer a major attack on a large city”.

4. Vibrations of Truth

4  vibrations of truth© wiki
In Ickes book ‘Truth Vibrations’ he declared that years after the millennium we will gather in great conflict around the world, to the point even that the United Nations will get overwhelmed. And even predicted that severe hurricanes will hit the Gulf of Mexico and New Orleans after 2000.

5. Turquoise Tracksuits

5  turquoise tracksuits© Photo credit: still from UKtvGold and
We have to throw a little lightness and humour in there, especially when it's all pretty much doom and gloom!  According to Icke the colour turquoise channels positive energy. The colour he has always warn, specifically jumpsuits. Interestingly, he knew the impact of this colour and the piece of clothing as it hits as a fashion item this spring/ summer.

6. The Holographic Universe

6  the holographic universe© kapwon
 Icke claims humans live in a hologram where gravity and vibrating strings are the principles. This theory has been ridiculed till now. It is being plausibly researched by the team of Professor Hyakutake at Unversity Ibaraki, Japan.

7. Third World War

7  third world war© wiki
Icke predicted that the world reinstates to stimulate the Muslims to start a holy war with the West.  You only have to look around you now to see what's actually taking place.

8. Telepathy

8  telepathy© hypatia
Icke has always claimed that telepathy is not merely a paranormal phenomenon, but can be scientifically proven due the use of electromagnetic fields. This claim has been verified at the Ontario University, Canada.

Implant Micro- Chips In Babies

implant micro  chips in babies© Photo credit
Icke has predicted that governments are discussing to implant micro-chips in each new born baby. This discussion has been recently held within the European Union. The majority are against it to preserve and protect the rights of privacy and civil liberties.

10. Obama Puppet

10  obama puppet© Photo credit:
Icke predicted in 2008 that Obama’s election campaign is more-over a “mind-game” called Obama Operation. 

Ted Heath

ted heath© press
Icke has predicted many things over the years in his books, most of which were laughed off as crazy conspiracy theories. In more recent times, it seems a lot of his predictions are coming to fruition, ranging from Jimmy Savile to the former 1970's prime minister Ted Heath, who is now being investigated but the Police for historic child abuse.
David Icke had written a whole section outing Ted Heath as a Paedophile in his book 'The biggest secret' which was published in 1998. The section of the book mainly focuses satanic abuse. Icke also goes on to mention Ian Campbell Dunn and PIE, David Steel and Lord McAlpine.

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