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BBC Homophobic? Show axed for gay kissing and homophobic Fury can still go for awards!?

The show – which concluded last night – staring the Sherlock actress alongside the likes of Ashley Walters, Alex Carter and Eleanor Matsuura as police officers in Brighton. The series was praised for featuring two gay police officers in main roles and for its lack of sensationalism when it came to the character’s discussing their sexuality. However, the show failed to attract consistently high viewers and complaints about gay kissing reportedly leading to bosses at the BBC to scrap the show. Also, Homophobic Tyson Fury is still allowed to stand for BBC's Sports Personality Of The Year awards even though he compared homosexual people to paedophiles and over 100,000 people have signed a petition to axe him from the show, BBC top boss said "it's free speech" but would they have let him stand if he was anti-semitic or racist? I very much doubt it! 

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