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Would you let your kids on national service to fight ISIS?

Andy Coulson, the prime minister’s ex- communications chief, has urged David Cameron to make National Citizen Service (NCS) compulsory for British teens in a bid to combat the rise of extremism, following a five-month prison stint. Writing for the Daily Telegraph, the former News of the World editor explained that mandatory national service would be instrumental in preventing vulnerable youth from being lured in by extremist ideology. “You are less likely to damage or destroy something you played a part in building,” he wrote. The NCS, which has been up and running in England since 2011, is a community-building program that encourages volunteering and social projects. Money for the program, which is part of Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ initiative, came from the government’s counter-extremism Prevent budget. Coulson praised the program, saying it sent a positive message to“British teenagers who are now mixing outside of their ethnic, class and income groups less than they have ever done” in the…

NASA says WW3 is just around the corner

For NASA has posted perhaps the most far out job ad in history – to become the first spaceman or woman on Mars BEFORE WW3! Going to Mars could be a really cool thing to do but the fact NASA are asking people to go before ww3 breaks out is the scariest part how the hell do they know we are heading into ww3?  From now until to mid-February, the space agency is accepting applications for its next class of astronaut candidates to travel to the Red Planet.  It comes after evidence was uncovered showing water flowing down canyons and crater walls during summer on Mars. Scientists are unsure where the water comes from – but they believe it is LIKELY to support ALIEN LIFE.
NASA administrator Charles Bolden said: "Those selected for this service will fly on the US made spacecraft from American soil, advance critical science and research aboard the International Space Station, and help push the boundaries of technology in the proving ground of deep space."

According to NASA, if you get the …

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