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Methane gas leak wreaking havoc in Los Angeles

Invisible to the naked eye, an infrared camera has revealed the extent of a huge natural gas leak in California that is forcing thousands from their homes and threatening long-term consequences for the environment

Methane is known to contribute to global warming. Although it is more potent than carbon dioxide, there is far more CO2 present in the atmosphere.
However, the emissions from the leak could be a cause for concern as officials say pollutants released in the accident could have long-term, far-reaching consequences.
SoCal Gas say they expect to have the leak fixed in three to four months.
Writing on their website, the company apologised for the unpleasant smell caused by the leak and said the leak "does not pose an imminent threat to public safety".
They added: "The well is located in an isolated, mountain area more than a mile away from and more than 1,200 feet higher than the closest home or public area.
Scientists agree natural gas is not toxic and that its odorant is harmless at the minute levels at which it is added to natural gas.
In outdoor locations such as this, natural gas quickly dissipates into the air, greatly reducing the possibility for ignition and further diluting the gas as it reaches the public.
The human nose is amazingly sensitive and can detect the smell of the odorant at levels much lower than any level of concern."

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