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Lord Mountbatten had links with the Kincora boy abuse network

It was alleged in the book 'War of the Windsors', and the Sunday People newspaper pg17, that Lord Mountbatten was rumoured to have been linked to the Kincora boy's abuse network. Lord Mountbatten the last viceroy in India, was renowned for being wildly promiscuous, bisexual and for enjoying a bit of 'rough' or the pleasures of young working class boys or indeed peasant Indian boys. In other words, Lord Mountbatten enjoyed rogering the children of lower classes and peasants globally

This is revealed in the book 'War of the Windsors', and may account for the non-prosecution of Kincora clients and the reluctance of the authorities to act against those running the Kincora care home until 1981, despite the vice ring being in operation since 1977, and the repeated allegations made against those pillars of society, upright citizens in charge of Kincora. 

The very Reverend William McGrath and co. Those operating the Kincora child vice ring were eventually prosecuted in 1981, but no charges were ever brought against the elite VIP clientele of the Kincora child abuse vice ring, which included, prominent businessmen, hanging judges and government officials who were never prosecuted for their exploitation and sexual abuse of young working class boys. In court, it was found that the so-called pillars of society running the home were guilty of the RITUAL sexual abuse of defenceless young boys in their care, whom they exploited and sold to their VIP clientele. 

The authorities reluctance to act against the Kincora paedophiles also may have been because of the proven MI5/special branch interest in the VIP clientele of the Kincora child vice network. These powerful authoritarian figures would prove useful and supportive of any RUC actions in the future, given the MI5 files complied on the Kincora clientele. 

Many of the VIP clientele who sexually abused and degraded young working class boys are still prominent members of Ulster society, still highly respected pillars of society, some still High court judges, magistrates etc, some even have roles which give them direct access to children, some are now governors of schools, some are doctors etc. 

Their sordid grubby elite existence unaffected and unsoiled by their perverted behaviour and abuse of young working class children. These scumbags got off scot free from the Kincora child abuse scandal with their reputations and social status intact and unaffected, because the authorities chose not to prosecute them, after all it was only young working class children they abused, and the working class are always expendable to the rich. In the world and exclusive social circles of these scumbags, it is ok for rich perverts to sexually and physically abuse the children of the poor. 

The moral code of the filthy rich and powerful says this is clearly acceptable behaviour. Now we know why they're called the filthy rich.

"Lord Louis Mountbatten was a pedophile, adulterer and incestuous lover for 10 years with...the former King Edward VIII....was truly troubled by the revelations he too had betrayed the Canadians to the German Army, resulting in the open slaughter of those 4,000 men...the British monarchy arranged for MI-5 to blow up his boat (1979), happily covering their trail; by fitting up four IRA men....the tactic of blowing up one of your own leaders to cover up any incriminating evidence...was a face saving device to distract from even more damaging intelligence about the British monarchy working for the Germans, against peace, and for a prolonged war."

The attack on the Shadow V was blamed on the IRA, but it is generally considered by intelligence that it was an MI-6 hit,
and the person that controls the MI-6 is Princess Elizabeth and, in particular, Prince Philip 

Edward Prince of Wales and his cousin Lord Louis Mountbatten relax in a canvas swimming pool on board.

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