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BUSTED! Sandy Hook’s STAR ACTOR, David Wheeler

BUSTED! Sandy Hook’s STAR ACTOR, David Wheeler

He’s not Tom Cruise, but he starred in the biggest production of 2012. The $500 Million Newtown hoax featured Hollywood actor David Wheeler:

Wheeler plays the father of (fictional) “Benjamin Wheeler,” a child gunned down in the Newtown CT “school shooting.”

But Newtown isn’t Wheeler’s first gun movie. In the 2001 movie FAITHFUL, David Cole Wheeler plays a character who cannot decide whether to hang himself or shoot himself in the head:

Wheeler finally decides to blow his brains out with a huge pistol:

Fast forward to Sandy Hook (2012), where that dramatic flair pays off. At Newtown, David Wheeler lands dual roles. First, as “FBI SWAT Officer.”

On this filming day, David Wheeler preps to capture fictional villain “Adam Lanza”:

Then, after Sandy Hoax “happens” on TV, David Wheeler changes costume – to portray “grieving father of murdered child.”

Gun Grab Roadshow

Without delay, Wheeler starts scamming Americans out of their firearms. The horrific “loss” of his fake child gives Wheeler “untouchable victim” status:

Wheeler’s appearances are carefully scripted with hot-button terms and emotional gravitas. Gun-grab schemes are hatched in Socialist states (CA, NY and CT); those not halted “leak” to other states. Here, Wheeler “testifies” against guns during the CT legislature’s Task Force on Violence and Public Safety:

But before Wheeler’s first royalty check arrives, Obama rolls out the red carpet. As “grieving father,” David Wheeler hits the Gun Grab Roadshow. But instead of Teamsters driving Wheeler to each premiere, he gets a private jet named Air Force One:

Newtown’s gun-grab publicity tour zigzags across the USA. Propaganda stops include The Rachel Maddow Show:

Moyers & Company (with Bill Moyers):

And even Oprah Winfrey:

Then, the Gun Grab Roadshow pulls into the White House, where the Wheelers replace Obama to address the nation:

In 2014, the UN Biennial Meeting of States is addressed by (actor) David Wheeler – on behalf of the International Action Network on Small Arms. In other words, the UN wants American citizens disarmed – and they’re using frauds (David Wheeler; Veronique Pozner) and fake shootings (Sandy Hook and others) to take our guns.

Crooks In High Places

But who is “David Wheeler?” David comes from a connected family. David and Francine Wheeler (parents of Newtown vicSIM "Ben Wheeler") have elite political connections, including high officials in the Democrat Party. Oddly, Francine Wheeler was the personal assistant to Maureen White (Finance Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee). Maureen White is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and was finance chair of the Hillary Clinton for President Campaign:

Maureen White's husband is Steven Rattner, crony of gun-hoaxer Michael Bloomberg:

After the SEC charged him for a kickback scheme, Steven Rattner paid $6.2 Million to the SEC and got banned from the securities industry for two years. Following that, Steven Rattner paid $10 Million in restitution to New York State for his role in the NY Public Pension Kickback Scandal.

But perhaps David and Francine Wheeler's acting careers aren’t suspicious enough. And perhaps the Wheelers’ corrupt friends don't cause for alarm.

Perhaps it’s "coincidence" that professional actor Francine Wheeler worked for the Democrat Party’s top fundraiser before Francine’s "child got killed" in the "biggest school shooting in US history."

Indeed, shills claimed Sandy Hook was “real” and skeptics were “crazy.” But then the documentary came out. We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook (the documentary) blew the lid off these fake Sandy Hook parents. It proved the Newtown Treason was a scheme to brainwash Americans against guns:

That’s why the documentary got attacked – day and night – by paid government operatives. Bottom line? Sandy Hook was a carefully scripted, made-for-TV movie. To scam Americans out of their guns, the Regime created an emotional “battering ram” of parents mourning slaughtered children. These crucial roles were filled by actors committing sick acts of Treason. The entire “Newtown massacre” was fake. Sandy Hook is nothing but a fraud.

Made For TV

Photo analysis reveals that Sandy Hoax was filmed over several days, then edited together before the “school shooting” went live on December 14, 2012. In this photo (credited to the Connecticut State Police) we see the cast on set outside Sandy Hook Elementary – before windows were shattered during the “crime.”

That’s not how folks behave at the “biggest school shooting in US history,” where 20 children lay inside, freshly murdered. Rather, these actors seem to be enjoying a break in filming. Perhaps that’s why Amazon banned the book – and InfoWars removed their article – containing that photograph.

Another “iconic” photo reveals more fraud. Rather than hire 500 child actors to portray “fleeing students,” the Regime created a Photoshop evacuation showing a handful of kids:

Faking that evacuation in Photoshop saves time, money, and lawsuits – since Sandy Hook Elementary (closed four years prior) was a toxic mix of asbestos and chemical pollutants. Behind the scenes, a Police shotgun blasted the school foyer window – requiring a shotgun to be planted in the villain’s car for continuity.

To this day, David and Francine Wheeler appear at events, pushing the treasonous Gun Grab Agenda:

Their Newtown propaganda includes mind-control laws and gun-grab scams:

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