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2 Months after Corbyn democratically wins the Labour leadership Blairite MP's, Tories and Mainstream Media are still twisting every word Corbyn says and it's boring.

Whilst we are heading towards a world war and a rise in terrorist attacks all the media can do is lie about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and twist every word he says's and it's becoming very tedious and embarrassing now. 

The Sunday Mirror ran a poll asking would you feel safe under a Corbyn leadership as PM and 60% said NO but that is just 60% of Mirror readers, not the public. 

Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership democratically by 59% of the votes which is a first for any leader in any party and ever since he won the leadership Labour's membership has risen to almost 300,000 which is more than the number of members in the Conservatives altogether. 

We know the elite are afraid of Corbyn as he's not a Royalist and he's anti-war too (he's not friends with the people who sell weapons for war e.g. Windsor and Rothschild family).

The media are so far up the Royal's arses that Corbyn has no chance of them being on his side but it has worked out well all this propaganda bullshit they have been feeding the sheeple because it has backfired big time as left wing supporters have finally got someone to vote for.

Media are saying his popularity has dropped massively but he is still ahead in the official satisfaction polls so what does that say about David Cameron. 

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