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ITV's Loose Mouths (Loose Women) Murdochs best friend

Daytime ITV Right Wing chat show Loose Women are a disgrace who bully the poor and disabled 

The programme is a laughable mess all the big mouthed women presenters are all right wing morons, Today they have bought up the "benefits cheaters" bullshit again today but are we surprised? Jane Moore (works for Murdochs The Sun) is one of them morons. First of all she was talking about a man who spelt the name Laura wrong he spelt it "Lora" and she told him he needs to go back to school which angered me for all she knew he could have been dyslexic and to be honest it's not any of her business anyway who does she think she is.

I messaged the Loose Women facebook page to complain that some may find it offensive so she should apologise, she didn't.

Then the "benefit cheats" topic came up which got me that angry that I felt like throwing the remote at the TV 3 of them morons were against people on benefits and the person who were on benefit claimants side was WHITE FUCKING DEE from benefits street and known benefit cheat and now Tory voter so it was totally one sided.

When I messaged them about high and mighty Jane's offensive comment the complaint was left up but when I messaged them the second time about the benefits topic it was removed this is what it said.

"The Queen is on £40 million a year and god knows what the rest of the Windsors are on, The MP's Expenses is a disgrace £300 a day expenses plus a wage at the end of the month but is anyone surprised this isn't being reported because Jane Moore works for The Scum (The Sun) so demonizing the poor was their full agenda Murdoch must have had a good word with Jane and her Producer for Cameron (Good friends with Murdoch).Stop demonizing the POOR."

As soon as I wrote it it was removed so I reposted it and it was removed again, I also seen a few people mention the Royals and MP's expenses and again their comments were removed I am angry at this as we the people should be allowed to have a voice.


Why not let them know what you think:

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