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Corbyn to quit?

As a lifelong Labour voter, I will never vote them again if Corbyn is ousted he was democratically voted in by Labour voters and that is how a democracy works 

Corbyn WINNING the Labour leadership 
According to the Independent

Senior Labour MPs have called on Jeremy Corbyn to resign as Labour leader after his handling of the upcoming vote on military action in Syria caused further splits in the party. 
Former Home Office minister Fiona Mactaggart said his position had become “unsustainable” while fellow ex-minister John Spellar said Mr Corbyn’s behaviour over the Syria vote had been “unacceptable”. 
The Labour leader is also facing an open revolt from a majority of his Shadow Cabinet after he warned his MPs that he could not support David Cameron's plan to launch air strikes on Isis targets in Syria. 
Becoming the first Labour MP to publicly call on Mr Corbyn to stand down, Ms Mactaggart, who agrees with him in opposing British intervention in Syria, said his “weak leadership” was causing damaging divisions in the party and was failing the party's responsibility to hold the Government to account. 
“He hasn’t got a strategy to lead the party from where it is to where it needs to be and the people of the country can see that,” she told BBC Radio Berkshire.
“I think it [his leadership] probably is unsustainable. The problem is that my party… doesn’t have the hunger for power that the Conservative party has and the Conservative party is good at getting rid of leaders who they can see aren’t getting to lead the party to victory – my party isn’t.”

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