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Britain under attack.....

... No not from "Islamic Militants" but our own government

They are doing everything possible to control us in Britain from spying on us through the internet to taking all our welfare money to taking over our NHS and they need to be stopped.

Whilst people watch the terror attacks worldwide on 24 hour news 7 days a week our own government is taking our rights and freedoms away one by one without telling us.


We hear it all the time how "You are too fat, you drink too much, you are too skinny, you ain't eating the right foods" bla bla bla.

The NHS is a great British Institution each of the four countries of the United Kingdom has a publicly funded health care referred to as the National Health Service (NHS) though only the NHS in England uses this name officially. The terms National Health Service or NHS are also used to refer to the four systems collectively.

The Labour Government elected in 1945 had made manifesto commitments to implement the recommendations of the Beveridge Report of 1942. The report's recommendation to create "comprehensive health and rehabilitation services for prevention and cure of disease" was implemented across the United Kingdom on 5 July 1948. The services were initially funded through general taxation and National Insurance as part of the introduction of a wider Welfare State.

Now the Tories are out to ruin the NHS by privatising most of it and using it to control people which it was never intended for.

The media use the threat of NHS going broke all the time because our government doesn't like the way you live or what you eat etc when it's all a lie the NHS is not going broke the Tories just want to control us.

Welfare State 

The welfare state of the United Kingdom comprises expenditures by the government of the United Kingdom intended to improve health, education, employment and social security.
Again the Tories are out to ruin the welfare state and use it to control people across the UK.

The benefits system is being dismantled bit by bit leaving the poor and vulnerable helpless and again mainstream media play a massive part in it.

Mainstream media have ridiculed and bullied the poor and vulnerable who receive welfare which has brainwashed people with their lies and accepting the dismantlement of the benefits system which has left people homeless and using food banks.

Suicide rates have risen to an all time high because of the butcher Iain Duncan Smith's cuts which has led to a UN investigation that is still ongoing. 

MP's expenses, wages and the Royal welfare money are rising as the poor are being picked on under the guise of "austerity" which again is a thing to control the people.

How can MP's get away with £300 a day expenses plus a monthly wage when people are starving in Britain? Even worse how can the Royals get away with what they make from taxpayers? The Queen herself get's £40 million from the taxpayers pot a year, god knows what the rest of the family get.


The internet is everywhere now and on everything from mobile phones to TV's to glasses and even watches now so privacy is really important  to us all but Cameron is about ruin that too.

We all know NSA and GCHQ spy on the internet anyway but to choose a certain person to spy on they have to have permission and a warrant, Well not anymore if this law goes through they can spy on you and me anytime they like.

They will know all your secrets, can read all your messages and even what porn you have been watching! Oh ye not forgetting they can listen to and watch you through your microphone and camera.

Since the terrorist attacks on November Friday 13th 2015 in Paris the Tories are already calling for the law to be rushed in to spy on terrorists (anyone who disagrees with them).

Privacy is our human right.

Talking about the Human Rights Act the Tories are fighting to get rid of that too.

Are you worried about the way "Great" Britain is heading? You should be.

Please comment below.

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