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We have become a society of ignorant racist bullies because of right wing propaganda

24/7 Tory Right wing TV media, Newspapers and mainstream online news is brainwashing the public and turning everyone into ignorant unintelligent morons.

All I ever see in the mainstream news these days is "journalists" calling Muslims terrorists or anti Zionists anti Semitic (They are totally different) or refugees are being called immigrants and disabled people being picked on for just being on benefits, ever since the Tories took over its like lets all ridicule the most vulnerable in our society because we are white British "hard working" people who pay taxes and because of them taxes we pay it makes us better than you and more important than you well I'm sorry to burst that massive ego and bubble you live in YOU AIN'T BETTER THAN NOBODY. 

The funniest and most ridiculous thing I have heard in the press is Jeremy Corbyn being called a TERRORIST yet he is anti war lol The right wing media push hate and division and because it is repeated 24 hours a day people are starting to repeat it and we all know people don't like to disagree with their friends especially if they are in a group of friends and then whether some of these people agree with their friends opinion or not they will repeat it because they want to be as popular as the friends who told them and it carries on in that pattern because nobody likes the feeling of being confronted or even wrong.

British people have lost humanity because of right wing media and all I ever see now is hate and massive ego's.

For example someone I know who suffers with depression was told by the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) that it isn't a disability and I'm sorry depression is a disability. Just because someone doesn't have a physical disability doesn't mean they aren't disabled.

Also I've seen people saying that JSA (Job Seekers Allowance) claimants should work for their money even though they only get £140 every two week  that's £70 a week would you work for that much a week? Let's face it only 1% of tax money goes to benefit claimants including pensions, JSA, ESA, and PIP whilst about 5% of taxpayers money goes to MP expenses and that is before monthly wages whilst over 30% goes to war and  A LOT more go to the royals.

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