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Tom Watson was right to report Leon Brittan, what ever the media tell you he was a paedophile

Tom Watson has said it was his "duty" to notify the Director of Public Prosecutions about allegations made against Leon Brittan.
Lord Brittan's brother, Sir Samuel Brittan, has said the deputy leader of the Labour party should apologise after police dropped a rape inquiry against the former home secretary who died earlier this year.
But writing on the Huffington Post website, Mr Watson outlines his belief that he acted appropriately.
He writes: "As the tributes flowed in from his lifelong friends I felt for those people who claimed he abused them.
"I repeated a line used by one of the alleged survivors, who said: 'He is close to evil as any human being could get.' I shouldn't have repeated such an emotive phrase.
"The choice facing anyone who is presented with testimony of this kind is whether to pass it on to the authorities and urge them to investigate or to ignore it.
"I chose the first option. I felt it was my duty to do so."
In the piece for the Huffington Post, Mr Watson writes that he contacted the DPP in 2014 because he felt the allegations he had been made aware of against Lord Brittan "should be fully investigated".
Mr Watson does state that he is sorry for the "distress Leon Brittan's family experienced as they grieved for him" as a result of the claims.
He also outlines his belief that Lord Brittan "would have been interviewed even if I hadn't intervened because the DPP made it clear in her reply to my letter that the police investigation into him was ongoing".
Sir Samuel has accused Mr Watson of making "unfounded accusations" which prompted police to reopen the case against Lord Brittan.
Leon Brittan named at the top of the list
VIP list:

Leon Britton: Lord, ex Thatcher Minister

Anthony Blunt: Royal connections, MI5

Harvey Proctor: Convicted paedophile.

Sir Peter Bottomley: Worthing MP and Monday Club

Charles Irving

Peter Brooke: Life Peer

John Rowe: MI5, former MP

Cyril Smith: Deceased, ex Rochdale MP

Ron Brown

Colin Jordan: Politician and author

George Tremlett: Former GLC Leader

Peter Campbell

Gary Walker: Sinn Fein

Cliff Richard: Pop Star, known at Elm Guest House as ‘Kitty’

Jess Conrad: ex Pop Star.

Ron Wells: Musician, aka ‘Gladys’ at Elm Guest House.

Richard Miles

Chris Denning: ex BBC DJ, convicted paedophile.

R Langley: Buckingham Palace equerry

Terry Dwyer

Patrick Puddles

Louis Minster: Head of Richmond Social Services

Colin Peters, QC: Convicted paedophile

Steve Everett: Senior Westminster Social worker

Ray Wire: "Expert" on paedophile therapy

Peter Glencross

Guy Hamilton Blackwell, son of Westland Helicopters Chairman

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