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Severely ill twin babies die after doctors turn off life support against wishes of parents

Twin babies admitted to hospital in January due to severe illness have died after a judge allowed doctors to turn off their life-support machines against their parents’ wishes.
The parents, who are Muslim, argued it was against their faith to withdraw life support before the children’s brains had stopped working.
However, the judge, Mr Justice Holman, ruled that to prolong life was ‘futile and unjustifiable’.
The twins were born with a progressive neurological disorder which was described as ‘untreatable and completely incurable’.
They had to be put on a mechanical ventilator to survive.
"Our clinical teams diagnosed that sadly the twins’ condition was both incurable and untreatable, and as such they had to make the very difficult decision that withdrawing ventilation was in the twins best interests.
This is not a decision that has been taken lightly, and we have worked very closely with the family and our Chaplaincy team to ensure that they have had our full support throughout their time at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. Unfortunately we could not agree a way forward with the parents and therefore asked for a judicial review of the case.
Our deepest sympathies are with the family at this difficult time."

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