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(Petition) Arrest the directors of the BBC panorama program for perverting the course of justice

On Tuesday 6th October 2015 the BBC aired an edition of their panorama program relating to the ongoing police investigation around allegations of the existence of a Westminster Paedophile ring. Allegations have been directed at a number of both former and current MP's, including the murders of 3 young boys.
The program was a clear attempt by the BBC to both influence and derail the ongoing police investigation under operation Midland. This is clearly an attempt  to Pervert the course of justice in the public interest, as well as potential intimidation of a witness.
As concerned members of the public, we the undersigned hereby request that you exercise the powers entrusted to you and arrest the directors of the BBC panorama program on suspicion of perverting the course of justice and suspicion of intimidating a witness and launch a full investigation.
Whether the allegations are true or not, we deserve to know the truth and the only way that can by achieved is through a full and thorough police investigation and as owners of the BBC, it is in the public interest to know whether the BBC tried to influence that investigation.

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