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Nightmare On Elm Street Franchise was a cover up for child abuse

1..2 Freddies coming for you 3..4 better lock your door 5..6 grab your crucifix 7..8 never stay up late 9..10 never sleep again 

Or should that have said 1..2 LEON (Brittan) is coming for you? Freddy Krueger is the famous killer in Wes Craven's franchise A nightmare on Elm Street who loves to stalk virgins in their nightmares and kill them only for them nightmares come true, you die in your nightmare you die in real life. 

The things that resemble this franchise and the child abuse in the UK is very weird indeed it's almost like it was made to cover up the child abuse in the UK and worldwide by the elite.

When news broke of Savile being a child rapist paedophile, Child Killer, Satanist fucked up pervert the world was shocked (well some of us weren't) and then came the breaking news of the ELM Guest House in London UK where children were abused and murdered by MP's, Royals, Top Polic, Pop Stars and plenty more including children TV presenters for the BBC.

Now the ELM Guest House is automatically a reference in the Nightmare On ELM Street franchise, Then we have Freddy who was a child murdering paedophile just like most of the perverts that visited the brothel for boys and freddy's killing virgins is more than likely a reference to the royals and elites who who have blood transfusions with children's blood to keep them alive longer. 

To get the blood they practice Satanic Rituals on the children and murder them Bohemian Grove is famous for that although it happens a lot in Buckingham Palace and Sandringham Castle both owned by the Royals and not forgetting elm guest house and Dolphin Square apartments where these sacrifices and snuff movies happened for the not so high up elite like MP's etc..

Now you will be thinking what the fuck has Wes Craven got to do with the child abuse cover up? 

Wes Craven was born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in a strict Baptist family, Craven was a humanities professor at Clarkson University before leaving academia for the excitement of the film industry. Craven began his film career laboring pseudonymously in hardcore porn featuring very young girls (could he have been the director of snuff movies?) before writing, directing, and editing The Last House On The Left (1972), a controversial rape-revenge exploitation movie loosely based on Ingmar Bergman’s The Virgin Spring and known for its graphic violence and sensational ad campaign.

Wes Craven died early this year (2015)  just out the blue and it was unexpected, So just like the rest of them like Leon Brittan and Savile we will never get answers well unless they come back in our nightmares to shut us up.......

And lets face it people didn't believe the abuse was going on for decades because Hollyweird films like this made it look unrealistic because after all it's just a movie, movies don't imitate real life.. do they? 

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