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Margaret Thatcher’s Pervert Pals

We all know Tory darling Margaret Thatcher loved to befriend paedophiles.
thatcher and savile
Quite why she enjoyed the company of child-raping filth so much is a complete and utter mystery.
Her sickeningly close relationship with murderous VIP pimp Jimmy Savile was the mere tip of the iceberg where Maggie was concerned.
You see, she filled her cabinet to the brim with all manner of perverts and took sheer delight in grooming and promoting her sordid chums.
She spent holidays with her PPS, Peter Morrison, on his secluded Scottish estate of Islay.
Morrison has been linked to the North Wales care abuse scandal where vulnerable boys were trafficked to be abused by British Establishment filth.
By a strange coincidence, the Jillings enquiry into the scandal was a predictable Freemason whitewash.
The minister who allowed the whitewash was none other than Maggie’s political toy-boy, William Hague.
The bald oddity was groomed by Thatcher from the age of 13 and has been linked to a myriad of sordid shenanigans. He also used to live in the notorious Dolphin Square complex in Pimlico, where a disgusting boy-brothel was operated under the watchful eyes of Mi5 and Mi6, who would film the abuse for blackmail purposes.
Some of the names linked to the scandal include vile animal Derek Laud, cash-for-questions filth Ian Greer, bizarre Spanish t**t Michael Portillo and many other high-profile Tory names.
There are even more links between Thatcher and the Elm Guest House where Tory boy-abusers from the right-wing Monday club would rape boys and film the abuse.
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Brave MP Geoffrey Dickens tried in vain to alert the authorities about the widespread Satanic abuse of children but was repeatedly blocked and subjected to serious death threats and intimidation from shadowy forces.
He also tried to highlight the Paedophile Information Exchange group which was funded by the Home Office and had top-level support from all three political parties. The vile PIE wanted the age of consent to be reduced to just four.
At one point Dickens handed a dossier of important evidence to Maggie’s pal Leon Brittan but for some unknown reason, Brittan has no recollection of what happened to it.
Brittan himself has links to Derek Laud and may have lots of useful information for officers investigating these Parliamentary paedophile networks.
Much of the correspondence between Thatcher and her perverted pals has been doctored under the FOI act.
One letter that remains on file was sent by her to Savile in June 1980, and is full of praise for his help in finding children “entertainers” for a party:
” Dear Jimmy,
Caroline tells me that you have been absolutely marvellous about finding some “entertainers” to help with my children’s party on Saturday. As you have gone to so much effort it will most certainly not rain, but it will be a great comfort to me to know that there is some sort of back-up. I will naturally thank the people who come most profusely, but I just wanted you to know how extremely grateful I am to you for taking so much trouble. I gather it took you most of the morning and you have so many other things to do.
Many thanks and best wishes,
Yours sincerely
Margaret Thatcher”
How very strange indeed.
Isn’t it about time the Tories started looking at their own filthy child-abusing past ?
They could start with Thatcher’s paedophile-loving legacy.
After all, why the hell wouldn't they?

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