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HE won't ever use a nuke, he doesn't wear red ties, he's a terrorist, is it a bird? is it a plane?

No it's Jeremy Corbyn!

How can the same man who wants to ban nuclear weapons and has said would never press the nuclear button also be called a terrorist? Well that's the right wing media for you! 

Corbyn the protester for freedoms 
The media for months now has been going crazy over "Corbyn mania" but the only mania is coming from the mainstream right wing media.

It's like they are afraid of something because of the bulshit they are spewing out about a man who just wants peace but maybe that is just it because he wants peace, the zionist war criminals can't have that now can they their bosses (handlers) called the Rothschild bankers and weapon sellers wouldn't stand for it.

How dare a man want peace when the Zionists want a Muslim genocide.

Lets look at some examples of idiocy from the "media":

Is that really a bad thing?

Propaganda and fear mongering at its best

And then we get this from Rupert Murdoch's SKY News:

Eamonn Holmes acting like a bully

We all know Zionist Murdoch is good friends with Cameron and Netanyahu so are you surprised about all the propaganda against him? 

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