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Egyptian Statues spotted in the mountains on Mars

THIS amazing image appears to show a Mount Rushmore-style monument built on Mars – paying tribute to Egyptian gods

Mount Rushmore Mars

Startling images from Nasa's Curiosity Rover currently roaming the Red Planet appear to show perfectly sculpted statues embedded within a cliff face.

It comes just days after the rover snapped what could be a Buddha statue on Mars.

The black and white photo appears to be like any other baron landscape captured by the robotic rover.

But on closer look an incredible Egyptian-style monument emerges with strikingly similar features to that of the God Anubis.

The face has an elongated chin, a nose and eyes – like the God which was a man with the head of a jackal.

Mars sculpture

Queen Victoria Mars

The images have sparked theories online whether aliens on Mars passed on their skills to the Egyptians to build pyramids and statues on Earth.

Incredibly, the statues could suggest a Mount Rushmore-style monument was built on Mars.

The Mount Rushmore monument is a huge sculpture carved into the granite face near Keystone, South Dakota, US.

It features 60ft sculptures of former US presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

Mars sculptures Egypt

GODLY: The Egyptian god Anubis – was he honoured on Mars?

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