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Corbyn's Popularity Is Increasing Chance Of Tony Blair Being Jailed

When Tony Blair spoke out on his ‘honourable friend’, Jeremy Corbyn, and his possible victory as the future red party leader, that it would be like “walking eyes shut, arms outstretched over the cliff’s edge”, he must have seen himself being frogmarched off the edge into the gallows, or at least into the pits of a cell.

Blair probably pre-empted Corbyn’s view as he has said that Tony Blair could face charges of war crimes if it was found that he broke international law when he sent the best off to Iraq, opening a can of worms that has infested the world.
Jeremy spoke on Newsnight, the BBC One nightly news review programme and was asked whether Blair should stand trial. The response was,

“If he has committed a war crime, yes. Everybody who has committed a war crime should be.”

But it’s clear that the Islington North Bennite has no doubts on the questioned legality of the war. A firm supporter of the Stop the War Coalition, Corbyn is eagerly awaiting the outcome of the Chilcot report, which he believes will force the war criminal to explain completely made up events he contrived with late-night dossier sexing partner, Alistair Campbell and his blooming bromance with George ‘Dubbya’ Bush and the discussions they had in their private rendezvous’.
corbyn has provided a new and refreshing outlook for the electoral public  who are tired and uninterested with the same unoriginal candidates with the

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