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Corbyn proves he's no hypocrite by not going to the privy council meetings

Good on him for not singing the national anthem and not going to the Privy Council because he would only be a hypocrite and it's against his views in which he is entitled too in a free speech democracy.

What is the Privy Council?

From Wikipedia 
Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council, usually known simply as the Privy Council, is a formal body of advisers to the Sovereign of the United Kingdom. Its membership mainly comprises senior politicians, who are present or former members of the House of Commons or the House of Lords.

The Privy Council formally advises the Sovereign on the exercise of the Royal Prerogative, and corporately (as Queen-in-Council) it issues executive instruments known as Orders in Council, which among other powers enact Regulations. The Council also holds the delegated authority to issue Orders of Council, mostly used to regulate certain public institutions. The Council advises the Sovereign on the issuing of Royal Charters, which are used to grant special status to incorporated bodies, and city or borough status to local authorities. Otherwise, the Privy Council's powers have now been largely replaced by the Cabinet of the United Kingdom.

Certain judicial functions are also performed by the Queen-in-Council, although in practice its actual work of hearing and deciding upon cases is carried out day-to-day by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. The Judicial Committee consists of senior judges appointed as Privy Counsellors: predominantly Justices of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom and senior judges from the Commonwealth. The Privy Council formerly acted as the High Court of Appeal for the entire British Empire (other than for the United Kingdom itself), and continues to hear appeals from the Crown Dependencies, the British Overseas Territories, and some independent Commonwealth states.

Implicated: Lord Justice Fulford, pictured in his full legal regalia, was named as an adviser to the Queen
It can also be revealed that the Appeal Court judge and Privy Counsellor:

  • Planned demonstrations outside courts where defendants – described by prosecutors as ‘sick’ and a ‘force for evil’ – were on trial.
  • Wrote an article claiming PIE, now under investigation in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, was merely a way for paedophiles to ‘make friends and offer each other mutual support’.
  • Sought help with the campaign from future Labour Minister Patricia Hewitt, then in charge of a controversial civil rights group.
  • Attended meetings to discuss tactics with PIE chairman Tom O’Carroll, who has since been jailed for possessing thousands of pictures of naked children.
  • Was praised by the paedophile group for coming to its defence.

Fulford was a founder member of an organisation called Conspiracy Against Public Morals set up to defend PIE leaders facing criminal charges.

It later published a sickening pamphlet claiming that children would be freed from the oppression of the state and their parents if they were allowed to have sex with adults.
The 60-page document, unearthed by The Mail on Sunday, is adorned with disturbing child-like pictures and sexual cartoons.

At the time the organisation went under a slightly different name but had the same postal address as Fulford’s group had.

When asked last night about his involvement in the group, Fulford said: ‘I have no memory of having been involved with its foundation or the detail of the work of this campaign.’

Why I agree that Corbyn shouldn't go to the Privy Council

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of snubbing the Queen after revealing he wouldn't be attending the Privy Council today.
It’s led senior Tory MPs to label him as being "disrespectful” to the Monarch.
It also comes after Mr Corbyn was criticised for failing to sing the National Anthem at a Battle of Britain 75th anniversary service at St Paul’s Cathedral last month.
Good on him for not singing the national anthem and not going to the Privy Council because he would only be a hypocrite and it's against his views in which he is entitled too in a free speech democracy. 
So the Fact he won't be going to the paedophile ran privy council proves again to me HE NEVER COVERED UP CHILD ABUSE IN THE 70'S OR 80'S! 

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