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BDTN EXCLUSIVE: Truth behind Islamophobic newspaper the Daily Express

Day after day and hour after the Daily Express newspaper/online post anti islamic posts (some ridiculous) and to be honest we at BDTN team are fed up seeing it, so BDTN Editor Ste Matthew Murray decided to investigate who owns the so called "news"paper and what he found won't surprise you.

Let see some of the Zionazi propaganda :

Most of these headlines are bullshit by the way. 

The owner of the Faily Express is Richard Desmond so who is Richard Desmond? 

Chancellor George Osborne and Richard Desmond.jpg

Richard Clive Desmond (born 8 December 1951) is an English publisher and businessman. He is the owner of Express Newspapers and founder of Northern & Shell, which publishes various celebrity magazines, such as OK! and New!, and British national newspapers Daily Star and Daily Express. Northern & Shell also owns Portland TV which, in turn, owns the adult TV channels Television X, Red Hot TV, and others.

In 2010, Desmond was ranked the equal-57th richest man in Britain according to The Sunday Times Rich List,[4] with a net worth of £950 million. He was once again listed on the 2011 Sunday Times Rich List, with his fortune still at £950 million. In 2014, he was ranked 78th and worth £1.2 billion. In 2015 Forbes valued his fortune at close to $1.76 billion.
Desmond was born in Hampstead, London, into a Jewish family, the youngest of three children, and grew up in Edgware, in north west London. His father was descended from Latvian Jews, and his mother was of Ukrainian-Jewish descent

In 1982, Northern & Shell began to publish the UK edition of Penthouse, although the licensing deal ended in the 1990s. The company soon moved on to publishing a range of adult titles, including Asian Babes, alongside about 40 other specialist publications, on subjects such as green issues, bicycles, fitness, stamps, cars and cooking. It was the first company to move to the revamped Docklands and the Princess Royal opened the offices, which were cleaned temporarily of all evidence of Penthouse. When the company moved to the Northern & Shell Tower, the Duke of Edinburgh presided over the ceremonies.

Details of Desmond's dealings with the New York mafia in the early 1990s emerged in a May 2001 article by John Sweeney of The Observer. Desmond had made a deal in 1991 with Norman Chanes for running advertisements in his adult titles for telephone sex lines run by Chinese mafia associate, Richard Martino of the Gambino crime family. The Village Voice newspaper asserted in February 2005 that the three men had met at the Four Seasons hotel near Hyde Park in London during September 1992 at which Martino accused Desmond of charging high rates for advertisements in magazines which sold no copies. BBC News reported in 2004 that Desmond did not know the other two men were connected to organised crime, while a spokesman for Northern and Shell said in 2005 that Desmond had never met Martino or had dealings with him.

This deal reportedly left the Americans out of pocket, and an October 1992 incident in New York followed in which Desmond's then managing director, Philip Bailey, was violently and sexually assaulted as an explicit threat to Desmond himself. "If your boss sets foot here, he's a dead man", one of the attackers told Bailey according to the article in the Village Voice. Desmond hired James Brown, a convicted criminal, as his bodyguard. An associate of Brown's has claimed that bags containing £2million were delivered to an Italian restaurant in Soho, London to settle the issue with the Gambino crime family. Desmond has asserted that this account is false.

In February 2005, The Guardian reported that the claim Desmond had received death threats from the New York Gambino mafia family was contained in affidavits from FBI agents released during Martino's trial relating to the fraudulent use of the telephone lines. Martino pleaded guilty to the charge of trying to extort money from Desmond and Northern and Shell. Desmond has denied the whole episode; he asserted there was no evidence he knew about the fraud perpetuated by Martino.

In November 2000, Northern & Shell acquired Express Newspapers from United News & Media for £125 million, enlarging the group to include the Daily and Sunday Express titles, the Daily Star and Daily Star Sunday (which Desmond started), and the Irish Daily Star (owned jointly with the Irish Independent News & Media group). The Daily and Sunday Express each sell around 700,000 copies per issue. The Daily Star was the only national paper to put on sales year on year with an 18% increase (September 2008 – September 2009) and circulation figures of around 850,000, largely due to aggressive pricing policies which significantly undercut competitors such as The Sun.

After buying Express Newspapers, Desmond became embroiled in a feud with Viscount Rothermere, publisher of the Daily Mail, the rival to the Daily Express, largely derived from stories relating to Rothermere's private life.

In February 2004, in a move that some newspapers interpreted as an attempt to clear and bolster his image in view of his bid for the Daily Telegraph, Desmond sold the adult magazine business to Remnant Media for approximately £10 million.

In April 2004, the Daily Express reverted to supporting the Conservatives, after a period backing Labour. On the same day, Desmond accused The Daily Telegraph, (with which he was a joint venture partner in the West Ferry newspaper printing plant) then considering accepting a takeover by the German Axel Springer group, of giving in to Nazis. Desmond reportedly harangued The Daily Telegraph's chief executive and associates in faux German at a business meeting and imitated Adolf Hitler.

In August 2005, the former executive editor of the Daily Express Ted Young made an out of court settlement with Desmond's company ahead of an industrial tribunal. This related to an incident with Desmond in the newsroom in September 2004, during which Desmond was said to have hit the journalist. Desmond denied the claim in a witness statement.

In 2008, Northern & Shell reported a turnover of £483.9 million.

In December 2014, during the run up the 2015 UK General Election, Desmond was reported to have agreed to donate £300,000 to the UK Independence Party. There was speculation at the time that a further donation could follow, and in April 2015 it was announced that he had given an additional £1 million to the party.

So does it surprise you the Daily Express is such a piece of propagandist shite? 

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