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Are the James Bond films made to brainwash people?

When you watch the James Bond films people just see it as entertainment BUT have you noticed the James Bond baddie always have something noticeable about them like maybe a scar, one eye or golden teeth well it may well only be entertainment but movies often imitate real life so lets take a look at the world's "real" bad guys...
But are they real bad guys or are they just CIA agents pretending to be bad guys for war and is that the reason Bond and his Baddies were invented to brainwash you?

The man with a Turban and beard

The man with the hook hand and funny eye 
"Jihadi John"
The invisible man who wears a hoodie all the time 
Jihadi 'Little' John
The midget
The fat disabled one

The one with the funny moustache 

The Black Widow

The woman in a Hijab with a bond baddy type name

The man in the silly hat with the funny face

Saddam Hussein 

The Dictator

Anders Behring Breivik

The christian baddy with a funny accent

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