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Is it the end for Cameron?

Is Dave's day's over? 

We all knew Cameron and his cronies were selfish, PIG headed (and pig fucking) right wing Nazi's and they ain't afraid to show it. 

How they got in power again is beyond me (or a fix) and they are ruining Britain day by day privatising everything in sight including the NHS, They are cutting EVERYTHING again including the NHS and they are ruining the welfare system making the poor even poorer whilst taking the piss out of expenses (your tax money).

But then PIGGATE happened 3 days ago and all the scandals haven't stopped since, More and more are coming out about him and his seedy past.

Lets not forget he used to work for Carlton TV and covered up MP child abuse but that probably won't make mainstream as the cover up is being covered up again.

So is Cameron's day's over? With all these scandals including drugs can he really stay as Prime Minister? Or should he stand down? 

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