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Illuminati Card Game FACTS

The Illuminati card game was created by Steve Jackson in 1995 and has controversially predicted Terrorism attacks like 9/11 and even natural disasters is this just a coincidence or is there something more sinister going on?  

From the 'sorcerers' (& their agents) that brought you 9/11 and a myriad of other terror events & assassinations.

A cauldron of... 
Entertainment-MSM-military-industrial complex/OTO (and other cognate groups)/Intel black ops, satanism (SRA) and mind control.

Virtual plain sight

How 2 'mass shootings' (Aurora/Sandy Hook) have subliminally/synchronistically been connected to TDKR and other Batman aspects...not forgetting one of which (Aurora), that was directly connected to the film.

 Theatricality and deception (wink, wink) are powerful agents to the uninitiated(indeed they are...wink, wink)... but we are initiated, aren't we Bruce? (wink, wink) Members of the League of Shadows (wink, wink)!

By uninitiated...they really mean 'the profane'.
There is no word whose technical and proper meaning differs more than this. In its ordinary use profane signifies one who is irreligious and irreverent, but in its technical adaptation it is applied to one who is ignorant of sacred rites. The word is compounded of the two Latin words pro and fanum, and literally means before or outside of the temple; and hence, a profanes among the ancients was one who was not allowed to enter the temple and behold the mysteries. "Those," says Vossius, "were called profane who were not initiated in the sacred rites, but to whom it was allowed only to stand before the temple-profane-not to enter it and take part in the solemnities."

Another thing that I couldn't help but that the film starts off with a 'hoodwink' scenario.


A symbol of the secrecy, silence, and darkness in which the mysteries of our art should be preserved from the unhallowed gaze of the profane. It has been supposed to have a symbolic reference to the passage in Saint John's Gospel (I, 5), "And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not." But it is more certain that there is in the hoodwink a representation of the mystical darkness which always preceded the rites of the ancient initiations.

- Source: Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry



The 'hoodwink' before being 'raised' to the light.

" a man I'm flesh and blood I can be ignored I can be destroyed but as asymbol, as a symbol I can be incorruptible, I can be everlasting..."

Bruce Wayne/Batman, Batman Begins

A fire will RISE...The Dark Knight RISES

Screenshot The Dark Knight/Night RISES

"Get a GPS on it" (a location 'meme' reference)
"How to bring it down" (a reference to the forthcoming action...the action is gun control.)

The ongoing saga of the Govt/Military Industrial Complex/Hollywood...'slow burn' technique to disarm the US population.

(In the literal film sense...this relates to tracking a nuclear device and bringing thtat down etc...just in case you were wondering.)

Hand drops down on to Sandy Hook...cough, cough

Location 'subliminally imprinted' into the 'mass subconscious'.

Sandy Hook is the location (gps/global postioning system reference) and the actor's hand drops (on cue) to this location...cough, cough.

See video here...
this is followed by...Gordon saying:

"That's it?"


"Where's Foley, damn it?"

This scene is immediately followed by Gordon knocking @ Foley's door.

 And who is Foley...who plays Foley in the film?

Matthew 'the Joker' Modine

"Well...they call me the Joker"
(A Full Metal Jacket, bullet/rifle reference too)

"Well...they call me the Joker"



Ground Zero = Wizard of Oz. The white pyramid in the Book of the Dead reminds me of the Freedom Tower

Fake News Events

Epidemic Fear Mongering 

HAARP and Chemtrails



Rewriting History

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