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A picture says a thousand words

This picture screams out RIGHT WING DICTATORSHIP to me

The Queen poses with Prime Minister David Cameron, 45, and former PMs Sir John Major (age 69, PM from 1990-97, Tony Blair (59, 1997-2007) and Gordon Brown (61, 2007-2010), ahead of a Diamond Jubilee lunch at 10 Downing Street

These Prime Ministers who are with the queen celebrating her 63rd year as monarch have all one thing in common even though two of them  (David Cameron and John Major) are Conservative and two are Labour (Blair and Brown) but the thing they have in common is they are all right wing politicians so basically on the same side no matter what party they belong too and the Queen is a very big fan of the Tories and also a right winger.

The fact they are all right wing screams out to me why they are afraid of Jeremy Corbyn because he is a left wing socialist and they are scared of having a left wing PM and they know he got a big big chance of that.

I'd also like to point out that Hitler was also right wing.

They are running scared of Jeremy Corbyn well actually they are terrified 

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