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Ex Labour Prime Minister and war criminal Tony Blair said this:
Nationalism is not a new phenomenon. When they talk about it being new politics: it’s the oldest politics in the world, It’s the politics of the first caveman council when he pointed with his club across the forest and said ‘they’re the problem, over there, that’s the problem.
Apart from the fact that Blair is equating that half of all Scots basically think like caveman, and that nationalism is bad (only Scottish Nationalism mind you, British Nationalism is hunky dory) he is also playing deceptive mind games.
Have you ever wondered why it is only the establishment elites and their corporate vampires that call for nations to unite in unions like the UK, EU, NAFTA and the Asian and African unions and sacrifice their sovereignty?

The answer is as plain and simple, if you herd all the nations in one group called a “union” with false promises of peace and prosperity for all, then the people within these nations are far easier to control and fleece with taxes and to subjugate their democracy and freedom.


These unions are run and controlled by the top 1% and is all about enslaving people, not with chains, but with debt and terror. Greece is the guinea pig for the Tony Blair’s of this world, crush the country financially, steal all its publicly owned assets and impoverish the people to the point of starving them to death. 
The people of Scotland, more than anyone should see right through this game plan, as we have suffered for more than 300 years of so called unionism”.  The EU was sold to the public as just a “common market” for those of us old enough to remember, now it makes our laws and controls huge aspects of our everyday lives. When war criminals and compulsive liars who claim to be “christian” like Tony Blair start calling people who believe in freedom “cavemen”, then you know they now fear us more than ever!
As a footnote, lets not forget that it was War Criminal Tony Blair who was quick to point the finger and say ‘they’re the problem, over there, that’s the problem, when blaming the Muslim people for the terror that he and George Bush instigated with their illegal wars and savage financial sanctions on nations that did not want to be part of their”Globalist Union”

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