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Tony Blair is a Tory always was a Tory

Tony Blair's legacy in Labour was part of a Tory invasion to ruin Labour and it almost worked until now...

Freinds Reunited

Tony Blair was part of  a Labour hijacking from the conservative party and there plan was to ruin the working man's party and even ruin the left wing all together for a right wing dictatorship in Britain and they almost did and now there is only one man who can save Labour and that is Jeremy Corbyn.

Even now Blair is trying to ruin the Labour leadership, The former Prime Minister argues, in words that will be seen as a coded signal to other big beasts who have kept silent, that Labour is “walking eyes shut, arms outstretched, over the cliff’s edge to the jagged rocks below”, saying, “this is not a moment to refrain from disturbing the serenity of the walk on the basis it causes ‘disunity’. It is a moment for a rugby tackle if that were possible.”
He goes on to warn that, with partisan loyalty much lower than in the 1980s, Labour would suffer a defeat much greater than the one it incurred in 1983, writing “we’re witnessing now is a throwback to that time, but without the stabilisers in place”.
He concludes: “We know where this ends. We have been here before. But this sequel will be a lot scarier than the original. So write it if you want to. Go over the edge if you want. But think about those we most care about and how to help them before you do.”
BDTN Editor Says: 
Don't forget Blair told us about the WMD in Iraq ... He lied..So I wouldn't trust him on this if I was you
Lets a take a look at Blurts I mean Blair's Great Labour Legacy:


Tony Blair should be 'dragged in shackles to court as a war criminal', says father of soldier killed in Iraq War

Families of British soldiers killed in Iraq are threatening to take legal action against Sir John Chilcot, who led the inquiry into the conflict.
He has said publication of his report has been delayed to allow those who have been criticised to respond.
Lawyers for the soldiers' families claim he acted unlawfully by refusing to set a deadline for publication.
The five-member panel, led by Sir John, began its work in 2009 and held its last hearings in 2011.
The inquiry took evidence from hundreds of witnesses, including former Prime Minister Tony Blair, and is set to cost taxpayers £10m.
The delays, to allow those who might face criticism in the report to argue their case, have led to frustration among some of the soldiers' families.

Tony Blair 'rejected Hillsborough inquiry as a favour for Rupert Murdoch'

Tony Blair failed to order a full inquiry into the Hillsborough disaster to avoid offending Rupert Murdoch, Andy Burnham has suggested.
The Labour leadership hopeful said he was told not to pursue his demand for an official probe into the 1989 stadium tragedy when serving under PM Blair.
While British Prime Minister Tony Blair is under criminal suspicion in the "honours-for-cash" scandal that has rocked his Labour government, we have been told that there is an even more explosive scandal that Blair, up to now, has managed to hide behind the draconian British policy of issuing "D-Notices," government orders that prohibit the British media from reporting on certain "national security" cases. 

In 1999, an international investigation of child pornographers and paedophiles run by Britain's National Criminal Intelligence Service, code named Operation Ore, resulted in 7,250 suspects being identified in the United Kingdom alone. Some 1850 people were criminally charged in the case and there were 1451 convictions. Almost 500 people were interviewed "under caution" by police, meaning they were suspects. Some 900 individuals remain under investigation. In early 2003, British police began to close in on some top suspects in the Operation Ore investigation, including senior members of Blair's government. 
March 2006: The Metropolitan police begins an inquiry into claims that peerages have been "sold" amid claims of a link between a number of wealthy individuals who donate or loan money to political parties and those who receive a peerage.
The complaint was brought by the Scottish National party MP Angus McNeil after it emerged that four wealthy businessmen, who had lent the Labour party a total of £5m, were nominated by Tony Blair for peerages. All four of the peerages were later blocked by the House of Lords appointments commission.
April 13 2006: Des Smith is the first person arrested. Mr Smith, who until January was an adviser to the body that finds wealthy sponsors for the government's city academies, had allegedly suggested that backers of a flagship Labour schools policy could expect to be rewarded with honours. His lawyers later say he "categorically denies" the allegations.
July 12 2006: Lord Levy, Tony Blair's chief fundraiser, is arrested for the first time. He is later re-interviewed and re-bailed without charge and insists he is innocent.
July 13 2006: The Commons public administration committee calls for tighter checks on the propriety of all higher honours awards.
July 14 2006: It emerges that police officers have already questioned at least two government ministers. Former Labour party chairman Ian McCartney and the science minister, Lord Sainsbury (who has since stepped down), are among 48 people interviewed by this stage.
July 16 2006: Mr Blair acknowledges a "real problem" with the public's perception of the "cash-for-honours" row but says he believes that nobody in the Labour party has broken the rules.
August 23 2006: Political parties generally are urged to improve their disclosure of financial support after more than £300,000 of donations were declared late. The Electoral Commission says late reporting is "not acceptable".
In 1983 at Bow St Magistrates Court a certain Charles Lynton was fined £50 for attempted soliciting in city toilets, the police notes were to disappear later along with several prior verbal warnings, Charles Lynton was at university well known as 'Miranda' a promiscuous cross dresser who played a guitar badly. Charles Lynton is Tony Blair’s middle names, and it was lord levy who funded and greased Tony Blair through the hoop into the prime minister’s office for one reason, the Iraq war.
Peter Mandelson and Cherie Blair hated each other, Mandelson as top Rothschild apparatchik for Britain was rumoured to boss and bully Blair, but after a row with the French the newspapers were tipped off anonymously that Frederic Mitterrand was paying young boys for sex, but a small security firm phone tapping for a newspaper, claimed the tip came from Mandelson's people.

The NSA whistleblower David Murphy-Fawkes has said they listened in to all Tony Blair's calls, as the US senate saw him as a lightweight 'Pinocchio' figure. 


'Hallelujah!' Blair's resignation as Middle East peace envoy prompts internet celebration!

When Tony Blair resigned as Middle East peace envoy for the Quartet group on Wednesday, the internet applauded. From sarcastic tweets to satirical videos, the web rejoiced in his departure and speculated on why he was stepping down Implying that the former British prime minister hadn't actually done anything in his eight-year tenure, one person in the Twittersphere decided to compare his legacy with a potato.

What’s less well know is that Blair is employed by sly Israeli spy agency Mossad and is willing to do their bidding at any cost.
It’s highly likely he had a hand in the deaths of Dr David Kelly, Robin Cook, Jean Charles de Menezes and former Labour leader, John Smith (amongst others).
All other MP's running for the Labour leadership who are also backed by Blair are also right wing Tories out to ruin Labour. Only one man can save Labour its Jeremy Corbyn.

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