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Tila Tequila is being set up

Is Tila Tequila being set up on "BIG BROTHER" TV series because years ago she admitted the Illuminati existed and now she is being accused of being "anti-semitic" 

Tila Tequila was only in the house for one day before she was evicted.

Celebrity Big Brother star Tila Tequila has been evicted from the house over alleged 'anti-Semitic remarks' on social media.

A picture of her dressed in Nazi gear outside the Auschwitz concentration camp has also been circulating online.

Hundreds of viewers called for Tequila to be removed after she previously praised Hitler and referred to herself as 'Hitila'.

She had been due to pocket £113,000 from the show but it now likely to miss out on any earnings.

Tila Tequila admitted about the illuminati years ago here is the video:

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