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This week in the News: From Cilla to Cliff and David Icke to Tony Blair

Cilla's Suspicious Death

We all know she was very good and close friends of Sir Cliff Richard and Sir Rolf Harris could she have known something that Cliff or Rolf didn't want her to know or even tell police? 

Rolf was arrested and jailed in 2014 for child abuse the youngest 8 years old and Cliff's house was raided at the beginning of 2015 but wasn't charged although two more people have spoken out about him being a paedophile and visited the VIP paedo ring house The Elm Guest House. 

Another celeb named as paedo...


Cliff Richard and links With Myra Hindley

The morbid, daffodil-loving singer, Morrissey, has bizarrely invited Cliff Richard to join him on tour.
Cliff, who is now so elderly he resembles a melting raisin in a wig, has gleefully accepted.
The thought of Morrissey and Cliff on stage together has caused derision in musical circles.
Morrissey has recently claimed that eating meat is akin to paedophilia.
Cliff is VileStrangely, this statement has meant that all previous references to Morrissey and paedophile scandals on Google- search have been erased and only the meat-related articles remain.
In his autobiography Morrissey detailed how he was inappropriately touched by a teacher at school:
 His other revelations include being inappropriately treated by teachers at Stretford Grammar School in Manchester, where each day was “Kafka-esque in its nightmare”.

David Icke BANNED from Facebook

With the most crass and outrageous timing and censorship, Facebook has chosen the very week when David Icke has been proved right about Prime Minister Ted Heath to ban him for posting what reflects the truth about Heath and his relationship with Savile.

David was the only person who publicly named Prime Minister Ted Heath as a paedophile, Satanist and child killer while he was still alive and has done so constantly since.

Indeed this very picture and words have been posted in the past on Facebook long before the Heath story broke in the mainstream media this week and it was not removed.

Now, as what David said 17 years ago about Heath in The Biggest Secret comes to wide public attention, Facebook has removed the picture and blocked him from posting anything for three days.

Facebook you are a disgrace and this will rightly reflect on your growing reputation for censorship and invasion of privacy as well as unbelievably bad judgement in the light of this week’s revelations.

Others who shared the picture have also had warnings.

Please circulate this information – link is: http://www.davidicke.com/?p=342096

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Tony Blair Arrested...

Desmond Tutu seems to think so Tutu has demanded that Tony Blair be tried in The Hague over the invasion of Iraq.
The Nobel Peace Prize winner accused the former Prime Minister of lying about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction and said that the 2003 war had left the world  more destabilised and divided than ‘any other conflict in history’.
He said Mr Blair should be subjected to a trial at the International Criminal Court, along with former US president George W. Bush.
The archbishop claimed that the US and UK-led military operation to oust Saddam  created the backdrop for the civil war in Syria and a possible wider Middle East conflict involving Iran.

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