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Janner fails to turn up for court today

Will he get away with it again today in court? More than likely!

During today's hearing, Lord Janner's lawyers also asked that he be allowed to appear in court via videolink, from 'place of residence' or a police station.
She reminded Mr Ozin of an offer from Wood Green Crown Court to host proceedings this afternoon, which would minimise travel distance.

The court has now risen while Janner's team considers their next step.

She added that in her view Westminster Magistrate's court was "imminently suited" to facilitate entry via a car entrance.

Lord Janner's QC Paul Ozin has been told to "stop messing around" by a magistrate, as he made lengthy submissions as to why his client should be allowed to appear in court via videolink.

Deputy Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot said she was concerned that Mr. Ozin's approach to proceedings was "timewasting."

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