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Janner DEAD!?

Who wants to put bets on that he will "die" in the next couple of weeks? 

When Leon Brittan was told his dirty little secret is out because of the infamous Elm Guest House List that Philip Schofield passed to David Cameron LIVE on air on ITV's This Morning he all of a sudden he became too ill to talk about things then said the list was missing (even though people seen it passed to Cameron LIVE on TV) and then a few months later after finding no way of covering it up he "died".

Coincidentally Britton was named as one of the names on the list for sure the day after his "death" and so many other politicians have been named including ex Prime Minister Ted Heath but the problem is they are all dead too. 

So the British Government seem to telling us stuff we already knew and about people we already knew were dirty paedophiles because we all knew about the Elm Guest House list long before it was given to Cameron LIVE on TV.

So next we were told about a victim had come forward about Janner and the victims coming forward kept growing accusing him of child abuse back in the 70's/80's (and probably still at it today) and again coincidentally he fell ill with dementia, so of course with that horrible disease he wouldn't be able to remember the 70's or 80's so his case was dropped by Director of Public Prosecutions and close friend Alison Saunders.

Rightly so the victims and public were furious over this and it was taken back to court on 14/08/2015 where he didn't turn up at first and the Judge told Janners team if he's not here by 2pm he will be arrested, They got him there he was in the dock for 60 seconds according to journalists and the Judge asked to give his name which he did then left the dock and went home all over in five minutes. 

So now we have to wait for the outcome to happen which could take a few weeks but in the mean time he is still allowed to vote and turn up in the House Of Commons and make £300 every day he turns up even with the dementia. 

So lets see where this will take us will he end up behind bars? Will he "die" or will the story go quiet and the public who seem to have less of a memory span than Janner with dementia will forget all about it? 

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