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False Flag Alert: ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) bombers are now in Britain!

According to British MSM ISIS are now in Britain and ready to attack.

ISIS terrorists are currently in the UK and ready to launch a deadly attack at any moment, it has been claimed.
A jihadist fighting for the terror group has claimed one potential target is this Saturday’s VJ commemorations involving the Queen.
It is believed to be part of a new strategy with the terror group urging British jihadis to carry out attacks at home rather than travelling to Iraq or Syria.
Worryingly, it is believed up to seven ISIS jihadis are now in the UK and ready to launch an attack.
Sky News spoke to a ISIS terrorist responsible for training some of those believed to be in Britain.
He confirmed the training they had received was to help launch an attack.
He said: "Yes, yes, yes everything, all of this - using the Kalashnikov, the pistol, the bomb, grenades and other things.

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