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Edward Heath Murdered and Tortured Children

Barrister Michael Shrimpton blows the whistle on paedophiles in high places. In particular, he names former Prime Minister Edward Heath as a serial paedophile who took young boys onto his yacht, Morning Cloud, to be buggered and then killed.
These unfortunate victims never returned to Jersey, but their bodies were thrown overboard. In this case I have used a video that I have many doubts about but there are some truths in it.
The stories about Ted Heath and Savile are true but where Shrimpton states that WE are the good guys and the GERMANS are the bad guys is of course bollocks. There is no such thing as “good” secret services, “good” statutory enforcement, or indeed “good” government. All those things oppress people, steal happiness from people and kill people.
The British and Jersey governments have covered up the atrocities on the Island of Jersey. Evidence has been destroyed and witnesses murdered. Some of the perpetrators will get away with their crimes, some already have, and many will die before being brought to justice.
  • Sir Edward Heath, the former prime minister from 1970-74 – DEAD
  • Sir Jimmy Savile, who was alleged to be an entertainer – DEAD
  • Wilfred Bramble, film and television actor – DEAD
  • Nicholas Rabet, born in Jersey and Superintendent of Islington children’s homes – DEAD
  • Roger Holland, former Jersey honorary policeman – Convicted
Haut de la Garenne Jersey


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