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Many of us can’t believe explosives were placed in the World Trade Center because it would be impossible to “sneak” them in with so many people watching.
This assumes a lot of things. First, it assumes that people are paying attention when “work” is going on in the Trade Center. Secondly, and more importantly, it assumes that even if people raise questions that someone is going to listen to them.
Scott Forbes, who was a senior database administrator for Fiduciary Trust, located on the 97thfloor of the South Tower received a remarkable notice three weeks before the 9/11 attacks. The Port Authority of New York informed his company that there would be a “power down” on the weekend of Sept. 8 and 9, 2001. This would mean that all power would be off in the top half of the south tower for most of the weekend.
Forbes has called this unprecedented, because to have a data centre lose power for two days requires major preparations and disruption. He reports that as part of the power down, all security cameras and security door locks were non-operational for about 36 hours.
“Remember there were no security locks on doors or security cameras, so access was free unlessa door was locked by a manual key. Seeing so many ‘strangers’ who didn’t work at the WTC was unusual,” Forbes said.
The work was claimed to be part of an upgrade to the Internet service in the building. No one has explained why this work required a complete cutting of electricity.
“There were guys in work clothes with huge tool boxes and reels of cable walking around the building that weekend,” he said.
There had also been a heightened security level at the towers for two weeks because of several alleged phone threats. The extra security, which included bomb-sniffing dogs, was removed on Sept. 6.
Forbes wrote to the Port Authority and to the 9/11 Commission to bring his suspicions about the power down to their attention. He never received any acknowledgement of his letters, and no mention of any of this made it into the 9/11 Commission Report.
It might be useful to point out to those who aren’t aware of it that the company that had the contract to provide security for the World Trade Center, United Airlines and Dulles International Airport at the time was called Securacom (now Stratesec). One of the directors of the company from 1993-2000 was George W. Bush’s younger brother, Marvin Bush.  The CEO of the company from 1999-2002 was the Bush brothers’ cousin, Wirt D. Walker III.
Between 1996 and 2000, Securicom installed a new security system in the World Trade Center. Unfortunately, the details of what work they did were destroyed along with the towers on 9/11.
After Marvin Bush left Securicom in 2000, he became a director of HCC Insurance Holdings Inc. (until 2002), which was one of the companies insuring the World Trade Center. Small world, eh?
If the power down was the only suspicious work being done in the towers, you might be inclined to discount it. But it wasn’t. In 2001, there were many vacancies in the towers; there were even entire floors that were empty. Long-time Trade Center employee William Rodriguez, who has talked about hearing massive explosions in the lower part of the towers on 9/11, also says that he heard major work being done on some vacant floors.
He describes loud banging, what sounded like heavy metal dumpsters being moved around, and lots of dust over everything. And it was all very secret. He says that in at least one case, the suspicious work was being done on a floor where the elevator didn’t even stop.
Financial analyst Ben Fountain of Firemen’s Trust has also described odd work being done in the towers. He says his company, Aon Corporation, was evacuated numerous times from their offices in the upper floors of the South Tower. They were also moved from one floor to another.
Fountain reported hearing loud noises on nearby floors, including the sounds of pneumatic drills. He also says there was a great deal of fine white dust all over everything.
Does any of this prove explosives were placed in the towers beyond a shadow of a doubt? No. But it’s part of the puzzle. And there are only so many incredible coincidences that one can swallow as being coincidences. When you add this to the enormous amount of evidence that only explosives could have brought the towers down the way they fell, the conclusion becomes inescapable.

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