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Was the Tunisia Hotel attack a false flag and set up for the following beach attack?

Regarding Tunisia, just as in the Boston smoke bombing hoax and that arch-fake Nairobi mall shooting rampage hoax, it seems, all that has to be done is create the semblance of chaos, throw about a bit of fake blood, show a few phony dead people, and the world will believe it. Even so, what is it? Is it 21 dead, 17 dead, 23 dead, 19 dead; can’t they make up their minds?
A real terror attack in a militarized area. Sure it was. Right in the face of security services. Sure, right. Very believable:
What in the world are they aiming at? Are they afraid of those supposed ‘Muslim extremists?’ Why are they hiding in that hole? If they are so on-guard and in active mode, why are the other men merely hoaxing along, with guns at ease? Clearly, this is a fake. No one can prove otherwise.
Let it be said, and let it be said, repeatedly. Does this look like anything other than a drill?
How could anyone commit a terror attack in such a heavily secured, gated area? The Zionists have control over Tunisia. How could they let this happen?
Why is this man pushing the crisis actor? Where are the legitimate EMTs?
Whatever it is, this doesn’t look very ominous. If that red matter is supposed to be blood, then, that is telling. It proves that it is fake. It fully separated.
Does this girl look she’s frightened to any degree?
Corpses or arch-fakes?
If the back wall is truly representative of the force of bullet wounds, then, can anyone image what would have happened to human flesh? Just imagine it. Too, consider what would have to the clothing? It would been shredded. So would, by the way, their heads, which are represented as if they were shot. Regardless, the blood is the wrong color. It should be oxygen-rich, bright red, with some mixture of the more purplish venous blood:
How can these men be dead without bullet wounds, without exit or entrance wounds? Why is there no arterial spray to be seen anywhere, especially if they were shot at point blank range with powerful semi-automatic weapons? The AK47 leaves its mark on the human body. There are no such marks to be seen here anywhere. That dust; it looks like someone took a device and ground those marks out, creating that dusty matter. Regardless, the bullets can blow up a wall but do no visible damage to humans. Who believes such nonsense?
As noted by one poster the red hoodie is still on. Doesn't the blast energy from a flurry of AK47 bullets have an impact? Wouldn't that have blasted his head backwards, knocking off the hood? Or, did someone in the Rita Katz clique come in during the staging and tuck it back on?
Even so, it can be seen that this is fairly well staged. Moulage was put on the hypothenar eminence to stage a bullet strike. That was dubbed by a professional. The dust from the fake bullet strikes against the wall was gathered up and put on the hoaxer terrorist. This is to a degree a professional job. The Zionists brought in some of their top agents. There’s no way that dust could have fallen on him naturally. It was put there, confirming the hoax. These men are not dead. They suffer no bullet wounds, and their clothes are entirely intact.
It becomes, therefore, highly clear what are the facts in this case. These men are crisis actors. They are not dead. Rather, they merely staged their deaths, having fake blood put next to them. The man in the image below looks to be alive and well and appears to be faking his own death.
Remember this? It was expected that here, too, the head would have been, like the watermelon, blown up:
If the was shot through the hand with an AK47, there would be evidence of this. There would be exposed tissue. There would be an exit and/or entrance wound. No such evidence is seen.
They’ve got a terrorist here. Really? Where are the handcuffs?
How is this Zionist agent a wounded man? Where are those AK47-induced wounds?
There are no wounds and no fake blood on him anywhere. This is a hoax, yet it will take a number of efforts on video and through OP-EDs to fully expose it.

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