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This is no asteroid going to hit us any time soon!

Dr Carol Rosin 

Mainstream media is going all conspiracy theory on us lately especially with asteroid stories and how the world is coming to an end so as always some conspiracy theory websites exaggerate the stories and make something of nothing.

You may will be thinking well how do this blogger know more than the mainstream media?

Well because it's been a known fact for people who do their own investigating and research that the asteroid stories in the media were always planned it's a massive lie to weaponise space and when we don't have enough weapons in space they will put more fear into the masses by telling everyone aliens are real and they are bad and they are coming for us.

That will make the scared little sheeple cry out for more weapons in space and lets face it they will fall for it especially the ones who believe in a mystical man in the sky called GOD humans thrive on fairy tales and being part of a group even if it means this group believes in something that doesn't exist.

So you will want evidence of this well here is a woman who knows all about it Dr. Carol Rosin listen and watch the video all the way through she certainly makes sense of everything that has happened world wide since the cold war.

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