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There is something more sinister about the people "joining isis" in the news

Everyone must have now seen in the news that people are travelling to Syria, Turkey etc etc to join "ISIS" if you haven't you must have been in a coma but something doesn't sit right with me just like everything in the mainstream media doesn't and this has been screaming out to me to question it.

So I did and this is what I think all the people joining ISIS in the news really means, Lately David Cameron has made speeches about "extremism" and he includes free speech and "conspiracy theorists" in his extreme views.

Cameron is even thinking about banning free thought as well as speech but why? Well they know more and more people are waking up to the corrupt perverted elite and they are afraid VERY AFRAID.


As we all know 9/11 wasn't Muslims but was the Zionist elite and they know we know and they are running scared and absolutely shitting themselves so how can they include conspiracy theorists as extremists? Because they will say conspiracy theorists are backing muslims and inspiring muslims so they must extremists too, it will end as anyone who questions the Zionist elite is an extremist terrorist hence why he wants to bring in the thought police and ban free speech and if we do leave the EU he will ban human rights.


Whether you agree or don't agree with people who question things like 9/11 or 7/7 those people have a right to question these things and also question government since we pay their wages, Isn't that what our parents and grandparents and so on fought for? our freedom of speech and freedom to live and think and question things? 

Britain is heading to a very dark place and as more and more awake to their bullshit the more and more they are running scared the time is NOW to fight this corruption stand up and fight for Britain before it's too late and we wend up in full term right wing dictatorship!

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