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Poll: Was David Icke Right All Along?

12 Years ago when I first started awakening to the corrupt and evil elite that run this planet we call home I came across Icke's stuff and it all seemed a bit far fetched for me I was only awakening to the 9/11 stuff which so that was my main thing to research at the time so when I seen all this satanic child abuse stuff I just laughed it off and never read anything about it again.

News broke about Jimmy Savile and to be honest I wasn't shocked about Savile he was a weirdo and freaked me out but then it came out about he was having sex with dead bodies of children and then then all the satanic stuff was slowly being released.
When I heard about the satanic stuff it reminded me of what Icke used to talk about especially with the Royals and then everything started to make sense because Savile was close to the Royals especially Philip and Charles. Then the Elm Guest House news broke and I was shocked to hear what was going on them poor children being raped by MP's, pop stars, police and Royals.

The Jersey scandal also made me connect the dots from everything Icke was saying and more news of satanic child abuse keeps coming out in mainstream and alternative media and it got me thinking was Icke right all along?

There is things that I don't agree with that Icke talks about but we are not all going to agree on everything but all I can say so far about Icke is that all that time he was ridiculed in the media about his work it seems he was right about the Satanic child abuse across Britain and worldwide so what else is he right about?




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