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Is Ben Fellows telling the truth?

As we all know Ben Fellows is an actor who appeared on the Bill and is accusing Ken Clarke for groping him as a child.

 Ben Fellows, aged 40, from Solihull, West Midlands, alleged that the former Chancellor of the Exchequer had plied him with alcohol and carried out the sexual assault in the office of a lobbyist while he was working undercover for ITV's Cook Report in 1994.
In the autumn of 2012, Fellows, who also appeared on The Bill, told national newspaper reporters about the alleged assault and stories were published in print and both online.
But today, Fellows appeared at the Old Bailey, accused of perverting the course of justice after making allegedly making false claims in relation to Mr Clarke.

The court heard how Fellows made a statement to police after being interviewed by officers as part of Operation Fairbank - the high profile investigation into historical child sex abuse at Westminster.
But when officers checked out his version of events, they concluded they were false and began treating him as a suspect rather than a victim, the court was told.

Now I have always been in support of Ben Fellows but today I seen a couple of dodgy pictures, Have a look...

These picture above are freemason satanic hand signs and Ben seems to be doing that in the top picture. 

Here is Ben wearing a freemason ring 

Of course this may mean nothing at all so could he be using his acting skills to make real victims look like liars or is he totally telling the truth? 

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