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Cops detaining people when they have committed no offence, is nothing new. They do it all the time. But in this video not only do 3 Scottish police officers detain this kid by bodily leaping upon him, they do so because he is the alleged WITNESS to a crime that didn’t happen, rather than the perpetrator.

And what did he witness? Well clearly a crime of such serious magnitude it would warrant such violent restraint. A murder perhaps? A rape? Toppling of the twin towers?

No.  He was the WITNESS to an alleged bit of racial name calling.

Even though the victim is a heavy handed security guard – who assaults the female friend of this lad in another video – the police take his allegations at face value and insist that the 15 year old witness must stand and blab a confession anyhow.

But the lad politely refuses. He expresses his desire to leave. He asks repeatedly if he is detained and is told by various officers that he is not detained.

The moment he walks away – having been given the all clear – all 3 cops leap upon him, drag him forcefully to the ground and smash his face into the concrete, while he screams out in agony, begging for them to go easy.

The video is highly distressing to watch from this moment on, even though much of it is blank with the cops acting their usual indifferent selves to the abuse they meat out and calmly tell the kid he is under arrest for assaulting a police officer.

Mere words are not enough to express the contempt that I have for all of the officers involved in this gratuitous display of thuggery. But I am going to give it a shot anyway…

These police officers are why Crimebodge exists. They are the scourge of law and order. They are subhuman filth who care nothing for civil rights and are in the force for one reason and one reason only: To wreak vengeance on a society, that for whatever reason, they feel rejected from.  They yearn for power over others. They are ignorant dullards incapable of obtaining power and respect through any natural means.

So they become police officers, instead.

The trio of police thugs who think 'not being detained' is some sort of  a rugby scrum.

The trio of police thugs who think ‘not being detained’ is some sort of a rugby scrum.

I could write volumes on the potential lawsuit that this kid (and his female friend) have on this police force. But to sum up, the moment they laid their hand upon this kid they committed assault. Their detention of him was entirely unlawful. Therefore they were no longer acting within the execution of their duties. And therefore he cannot be prosecuted for assaulting a police officer…

Police officers?  What a laugh! They are barely human beings.

Such a group scrum would almost be understandable if it were some gobby chavscum teenager giving out a load of verbal abuse. But this kid is so polite and amiable, it’s almost disturbing. He was still minding his Ps and Qs while this collective of subhuman filth were beating on him!!

And if you’re wondering what went down in the build up to all this, then take a look at the first video. This is where some high handed security guard comes strutting out like a newly appointed sheriff, throwing out allegations of racial name-calling, and then having the temerity to physically restrain the people he is accusing, thereby committing assault himself.

If this were me I would sue the police for a five figure sum. Then I would sue the employers of the security guard. Then just to ensure that this triumvirate of shit don’t get the opportunity to do this again I would mount a private prosecution against all the police officers involved for common assault and put them behind bars. Although I would go as far as to suggest this goes beyond the boundaries of assault and becomes borderline child abuse.

If such unruly thugs would do this to a polite 15 year old hesitant witness who has been giving the all clear, imagine what they would do to a fully grown adult who has actually committed a proper crime.

I would encourage everyone to share this article and this video with as many people as possible. Put these thugs in fear of losing their jobs, because this is the only language they understand.

This grown man claims his feelings were hurt. Hurt feelings trump your rights not to be beaten up by the police. Didn't you know?
This grown man claims his feelings were hurt. Hurt feelings trump your rights not to be beaten up by the police. Didn’t you know?

The IPCC and police complaints will do NOTHING about loose cannons such as this. These officers know that. Why else are they so keen to break the law even when they know they are being filmed? Because they know their colleagues, the force and the IPCC will all cover for them.

But if the public share these videos, and make it clear that assaults on the public such as this will no longer be tolerated, then just maybe the police will think twice before they do it again.

And who knows, the next person they do it to, may very well be YOU.


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