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Feminization Of Men And The Gay Agenda...

For quite a while now people have been moaning about the feminization of men and the "gay agenda".

Well lets start with the feminization of men it's nothing new centuries ago well off men especially Royal Kings wore tights, skirts and high heels it was a masculine thing back then so the feminization is not a new thing at all it's just fashion and fashion changes.

Henry  VIII in Tights pink slippers and skirt 

Now this gay agenda bullshit is boring and a load of BS just because more people are open about being gay and its more accepted doesn't mean there is a "gay agenda" even if there was what do you think will happen all the gay's will make it law that mean wear skirts and tights? or do you think they are going to put all straight people in FEMA Camps? 

The only reason people are afraid of a "gay agenda" that doesn't exist is because they don't like people being themselves or hide their homophobia behind a 2000 year old book that is bollox.

I think we have lived in a time long enough where religion controlled people and refused people to be themselves and also degraded people for the way they were born, We have actually been living in a religious agenda for thousands of years and its time the world moved on from religion.

I also think there is bigger issues to worry about like the zionist war crimes world wide where innocent men, women and children are being murdered for money to make the wealthy wealthier.

Who cares what someone in who isn't in your life or on the other side of the globe wears or does with their own life's? It really is none of your business.

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