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SHOCKING: This is serious satanic child abuse in the UK something needs to be done about this!

The whos who of Satanic Child Abuse

This case is the result of an 8-year old boy and his 9-year old sister confessing at long last the abuse they suffered by their British father who is the leader of a Sexual Ritual Abuse cult in North London. The Russian mother had a history of domestic violence with him that included 5 Police call-outs and 3 reports. She had long noticed signs of unhappiness, sickness and stress in her children, but only when on holiday in August with them, she learned about most harrowing details as the reason.
However, six days after reporting the crimes to Barnet Police on 05 September 2014, the children were taken into ‘protective custody’ and subsequently to two different foster carers. Medical examinations initiated by the Police confirmed scarring in the rectum area of both children. The hearing of the boy is impaired due to the father’s hitting and excessive shouting. Two weeks later, the Police told her that the children retracted the allegations and that the investigation was closed. The explanation was that the children made their story up from the film “The Mask of Zorro”. Strangely, this film has been used in another case as an excuse, I am told.
In the best interests of the children?
The mother is now in family court proceedings, being accused of not being able to protect her children. The confessions were triggered by her then partner noticing that the children were touching each other sexually as well as a dog. Their reports were recorded on video and conducted by the mother and her partner in separate conversations with the boy and the girl. Their remarkable details confirmed their respective allegations and experiences and were accompanied by diary pages and drawings that include the private parts of teachers.
Since 11 September, the father has more contact with the children than the mother or the Russian grandparents who have observed the effects of coaching and brainwashing, already apparent in the Police videos produced on 17 September, six days after the snatch. In contact sessions they are not allowed to speak their native language and the boy has admitted that he is forgetting his Russian already. It is also alarming that they had not been sent to any school for 3 months but were only exposed to TV and computer games, when before they had private education in violin lessons, tennis and swimming.
The pattern of handing children to abusive parentsMcKenzie Friends have assisted some fifty extreme cases of institutionalised child snatching aka state kidnapping that may end up in adoptions without parental consent. As a result, we produced the report Child Snatching is one of Seven Deadly Syndromes and Seven Media Cover-Ups.
John Hemming MP has over 2,000 cases on file with his campaigning organisation Justice for Families. He used parliamentary privilege to name Vicky Haigh and her offending local council as the first of many mothers who experienced appalling secret family court proceedings and gagging orders. However, the ultimate shock in these proceedings is that children tend to be given to the abusive parent.
Using courts of justice to ‘whitewash’ paedophiles, seems to be the ultimate betrayal and perfidy and can hardly be “in the best interest of the child.” Filthy Britain is on the Coleman Experience who publishes that there are “hundreds of satanic paedophile rings in existence throughout the UK and many are quite horrifyingly taking place in primary schools.”
On 23 December, the last of 3 hearings took place in Barnet Court. At the previous one, the mother dismissed her barrister who was not willing to defend her affidavit. Since then, she dismissed her solicitor who had not filed documents in time for the court. Hence we ‘participated’ as McKenzie Friends: once before Belinda McKenzie went in but didn’t get ‘right of audience’, nor were we or ‘the public’ or the mother’s parents allowed in. Now the rest of us were again observers in the waiting area, with another McKenzie Friend admiring how the mother defended her children’s interests big time!
In this hearing, HHJ Vera Mayer transferred the proceedings from Barnet Court where she ‘rationed’ McKenzie Friends: only one was admitted at a time whereas the mother, representing herself, faced the father’s barrister, Barnet Council’s Senior Solicitor Suzannah Hargreaves (same as for Melissa Laird), the Children’s ‘guardian as representative of Cafcass and 2-3 Social Workers.
Talking about ‘fair trial’ and ‘equality of arms’!
When the mother questioned the father’s “standing” in the court, Judge Mayer, who previously had reserved the case for herself, threatened her with being ordered to leave the room.
She said she had already spoken with Mrs Justice Anna Pauffley who is going to take over the case with a ‘Case Management Hearing’ on Tuesday 20 January for 2 hours. McKenzie Friends thought that courts decided who will be the judge…
Meanwhile, you may want to sign our online petition requesting the Chancellor to Start a Compensation Fund with Application Procedures for Victims of White Collar Criminals!
Until these powerful individuals such as Cabinet Minister Kenneth Clarke MP and Prime Minister David Cameron answer to the public I will remain in exile abroad in search of a country who believes in Freedom of speech, democracy and the rule of law for everyone.
If only the ‘system’ caved in and did the correct thing: Start a Compensation Fund with Application Procedures for Victims of White Collar Criminals!
Or, would you feel like informing Sir James Munby, the President of the Family Division, how you feel about this latest cat that’s out of the bag??? The system CAN’T get away with more and more cover- and stitch-ups!
Picture from a newspaper reporting in general on Satanic abuse, not this case

Report from Aangirfan -


Two young children in Hampstead in London have reported Satanic child abuse by large group of people, which included their father.
“The children’s medical reports state that the police had been called out on several occasions because Ricky Dearman, the father, was committing ‘domestic violence.’
“The medical reports make horrific reading as the children are examined for anal abuse (it is confirmed – with scarring).”I hear that the police also took the children to have hair follicle tests to ascertain whether drugging had taken place.
“The mother has not been allowed to see the results…
“The mother is not being allowed to see the children and the father has regular access while they are in ‘Care’.”
Reportedly, police officers and politicians are often involved in child sexual abuse rings.

Henry Curteis (The Tap Blog) posted these interviews with kids who may have suffered satanic abuse at the hands of a ring centred around their school in Hampstead, in London.In London, an 8-year old boy and his 9-year old sister reported that their father, and others, had sexually abused them.

The father “is the leader of a Satanic child abuse cult in Hampstead in North London.”In September 2014, their reports were recorded on video – by the mother and her partner in separate conversations with the boy and the girl.
The father is British and the mother is Russian.CHILDREN IN CARE to Protect Police Cover-Up of organised ChildSexualAbuse
“Abusers are named as parents, teachers, clergy and police.”The police have taken the children into custody and would now seem to be protecting the Satanic child abuse ring.
“My dad … sees us every single day in school where they do sex to us.”
That is what the 9 year old girl told her Russian mother about her ‘child abusing’ British father.The children were reportedly threatened with death if they talked.The mother reported the crime, and Barnet Police (Hampstead area) ordered medical examinations.
These confirmed sexual abuse and violence.

Christ Church primary school, named by the children as being a centre of abuse.
The Police, however, ‘closed the case’ as ‘no crime confirmed’.A week after the crime had been reported, the children were taken into police custody.
6 days later for some unknown reason the children retracted their allegations.
They were then held ‘in care’ by the Local Borough of Camden and since then Barnet.Family – Russian.


The two judges involved have covered similar cases: Judge Vera Mayer who was involved in the case of Melissa Laird transferred the case to Mrs Justice Anne Pauffley in the High Court who was involved with the Hollie Greig case.
“Private meetings between the Local Authority’s barrister and the Judge are going on behind the mother’s back, which violates the ‘Code Of Practice’ and, of course, indicates a certain common agenda between the Judge and the Local Authority.
“The alleged abuser-father has more contact with the children than the mother, while the Russian grandparents and the older half-brother have hardly any.
“A 12-day fact finding hearing is scheduled to start on 16 February at the Royal Courts of Justice in London – in the secrecy of family courts – without the general public or any media.”
Satanism Paedophile ring Links

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